{Gratitude} Lately

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Been thankful for good coffee and baristas who call when you forget your credit card.

For French Toast as thick as 2x4's.

For the fullness of orchestras paired with some of my favorite musicians.

For lazy mornings and mid-day chai breaks.

For homegrown cukes & raw honey from these hives.

For a re-seasoned Griswold #8 that keeps my breakfast from sticking.

For new fishing waders and signs of Fall.

And for local bike shops who make commutes so much sweeter.  What have you been grateful for lately? Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough. Happy Wednesday, brave ones.


Michelle said...

My house, my 2 8-week old kittens (Sherlock and John), the opportunity I have to feed about 75 people for a weekend at the end of September

jackie said...

"here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough". i love that!

today i'm thankful for my new husband and that he's willing to take the bus to class so I can drive the truck to work. for enough money to buy groceries and for our friends that know us and still love us.

laraloveschad said...

i've been soaking in the gratitude these days. thanks for the lovely post with pictures to go along with the thoughts.

lately, i've been grateful for the way things change, and at the same time the way things stay the same... really grateful for a year-long dharma study that starts in november... grateful to have friends like you & tim (even if we don't see each other much) xo

Molly Roberson said...

For friends that go out of their way to make you feel known & loved.
For a dude that makes lazy Sundays my favorite day of the week.
For a church that speaks truth & lives by the gospel.
For the days I spend dreaming with my best friend about our future endeavors together.
For cottage cheese with a side of black cherry toms.
For Graeter's banana chip ice cream. So long August. Bring on the pumpkin goods.

Kristina said...

Been thankful for...
...brisk summer mornings enjoyed in our backyard.
...the last berries that remind me that summer is almost over but not quite yet.
...fresh apples from the orchard. A sign that fall is right around the corner.
...every memory of my grandmother that I've ever made.

Love your lists of gratitude! Makes me thank of what I'm grateful for these days. Happy wednesday!

Meg said...

would it be too heavy to say that I'm grateful for good counseling and freeing books?

Kimbojamma said...

I am grateful for:
1. God's grace in my life tho I don't deserve it.
2. Family members that I would love even if they weren't related to me.
3. The confidence in knowing that "All things work together for good" to them that know Christ.

Thanks for this exercise/encouragement. It took me awhile but I was determined. Shame on me; I need to be more thankful everyday.

Mary said...

Grateful for trips to visit family and friends, Voodoo doughnuts, signs of fall, new opportunities, and my community garden.

That French toast also looks amazing. I'd be grateful to have a piece of that!

Justin + Liesl said...

How to possibly narrow it down.....

Grateful for:
My Husband
Small acts of kindness

and the list goes on and on and on
Thanks for sharing what you are thankful for! I needed the reminder.



Hillienc said...

Recently, I have been grateful for
A grandmother who twirled my curls
Lichen on stacked rocks
The ability to show up and step-up for my family
For love, even when I feel all pokey-outey
The night sounds in my mountains

Melissa Plath said...

For my mom and aunt who drive three hours to do nothing but thrift shop and play boggle with me all weekend. For Vanilla Caramel Truffle Black Tea. For my new buddy at work who runs with me, keeps me sane, and introduced me to the coolest little breakfast diner right down the road from our houses. And for my husband, who lets me be fussy and moody and argue with him, knowing I've just had a bad day, and forgives me for being silly. Also for classic books that can be reread over and over again.

Madison Willoughby said...

I’m thankful for surprise visits from a dear friend before she hopped on a plane headed for the other side of the world, parents who call and check up on me, a comfy biscuit to crawl into every night and professors who care about my success.

Papa said...

Lately, I've become thankful for Hillienc and her presence in our family! Gee, it looks like I now have FOUR girls to always be thankful for and love!

Robyn said...

fantastic-I'm grateful for morning runs, that are on the cooler side of 35 degrees c!

Anonymous said...

For a far-away friend who checks in on my every single day even though she is insanely busy.

For an amazing opportunity to finally do what I love.

Anonymous said...

Thankful ...

... for my little nephew who always makes me smile
... for parents who always offer their help
... for spontaenous dinner invitations
... for short trips to the northsea
... for ikea giving 10% discount on my kitchen :)
... for finally being able to cook again in a couple of weeks and sending the camping cooker in retirement ;)
... for having found such a nice place to live and finally starting to feel home again after wondering around
... for sunny days in september
... for a good bike lock - after someone tried to break it up two times - I still have a bike :)


Crazyhorsegurrl said...

I am thankful for my chacos that have lasted me 7 years and are still going strong. For my horse's willingness to learn. For second chances. For an able body. And for the morning sun, clear skies, and clean air.

sarah richmond said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sarah richmond said...

Thankful for leaves that turn, a reminder that autumn is near...

Thankful for love, the privilege of learning how to love someone better and the inner expansion that brings...

Thankful for inspiring friends that wake up early to meet together over coffee before beginning the day...

Thankful for afternoon hikes with a view, handmade cards and letters written, the opportunity to miss someone I deeply love...

Thankful for family that is all embracing and loving, respectful and supportive of each other!

Papa, you are precious. Em, I adore thee.


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