{Miss Her When I'm Gone by Sean Hayes}

Saturday, September 15, 2012

In honor of Sean Hayes' latest album, Before We Turn to Dust. Happy Saturday, friends!

Before We Turn to Dust - Sean Hayes


sarah richmond said...

listening and thinking about maui magic, mister hayes did serenade us right!

like a flare into the night to
help you find it
keep you warm and
feeling right in
your wandering
hear the rain*

love you more than new albums wrapped in bacon woobies!!

miss you, bubbly

Today's Letters said...

twinny, mr. sean hayes always makes me think of you and i in maui! best. twinner. vacation. ever. ps- 22 days!!! xo

Anonymous said...

At first, before I watched the video, I thought this was Sean Hayes of Will & Grace fame, but this is so much better.

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