{Berkeley} Bound

Monday, October 08, 2012


Today I leave for California to spend an entire week with Twinner.
Our tentative itinerary already makes me want to shimmy across the hardwoods!
Ben Howard concert. Camping in Yose. Climbing Half Dome. Coffee crawl. Frog's Leap Vineyard.
Treasure hunting. Amazing food. Late night conversations.
And LOTS and LOTS of laying in piles.
Vacations with my woombmate are simply the BEST.
Happy freaking Monday, friends!
Hope your week is full of people and places that remind you of how blessed you are.


Anonymous said...

your posts always inspire me, no matter how simple they may be.

Molly Stark said...

Yayyyy! The weather here in the Bay Area is magically fallish--you're in for a treat! Wishing you the best week with twinner and good luck with half dome!!! :)

Trying To Be Who I Am said...

Aww!! Sounds fun! :D

Megan said...

My hubs and I just got home for Yosemite & San Fran! It was so much fun! We actually hiked Half Dome too, I'll be blogging about that this week :) Have you ever done it before? It's quite the challenge =/ lol.

Justin + Liesl said...

Sounds extremely fun! Missing Cali... enjoy it for the rest of us!



Kristina said...

Enjoy your time with your Twinner in Cali! I'm a teeny tiny bit jealous that you get to see Ben Howard live in concert but if one deserves it than it's you. So I'm just going to be super happy for you :-)

kate said...

have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh! Have fun! I love that area. My friend's family owns Frog's Leap and we just got a hefty shipment from there. PERFECTION! Enjoy it!!

Allison said...

every time you vacay with your twinner I am a bit jealous that I don't have a twinner of my own. I hope you are having the most wonderful time, and I can't wait to see your post about your time together. Sounds like the perfect week (makes me want to live far from my sisters so we can plan week long vacations together)

Today's Letters said...

megan, you're so sweet. simple makes me the happiest.

molly, amazing weather in berkeley. half dome was incredible, even in the rain.

meg, had never hiked it before. did just over 8 before getting rained out. still amazing!

j+l, hope you get to go back soon!

kristina, best. concert. ever.

kate, we did! so blessed.

lovesong, as we pulled up to the gate we realized it was closed for a private event. spent most of our time at v sattui. still an incredible day.

allison, twinners are pretty amazing. i'm spoiled!

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