{Happy Holloweenie}

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear Mr. Loerke, Every day in October I tell you my favorite Halloween joke. Each time you laugh as if you've never heard it before. I love this. Dear Inbox, Yesterday I unsubscribed to 18 different emails. I already feel 5lbs lighter and I didn't even have to run around the block. Dear Mr. McFeely, the letter and leaf you delivered from Oregon was the perfect way to end my favorite month. What a gift it is to be known. Dear Timothy James, Why can't ghosts have babies? Wait for it ... waaaait for it. Because they have Hollow-weenies! Argh .. argh ... argh.

Happy October 31st, Homies! What are your plans for tonight?


Kristina said...

No plans for tonight. We don't celebrate Halloween in Germany which is actually a good thing this year. I'm fighting a bad cold and couldn't leave the house anyway.
Are you dressing up today? Happy Halloween :)

sarah richmond said...

...made a batch of beer pumpkin chili at two a.m. this morning, perfect fall night for a date with my little complete with a side of Parenthood.

happy hollow-eenie bubba! love you more than all things pumpkin while makin' soup in my old man flannel jammers.


Justin + Liesl said...

Happy Halloween!!! We are staying in with the family watching kid rated scary movies and passing out treats while we enjoy seeing all the little kiddie costumes.... its going to be a fabulous night!



the zundelephant in the room said...

Yes, to fall and to 18 un-subscriptions...and to letters, regardless of how incredibly overdue they are. Muah!

Molly Roberson said...

That is the best halloweenie joke I've ever heard! Too much goodness. Tonight I am dressing up & eating chili with my best friends that I've known for 11 years.
More than eating gummies at 12am & making leaf angels with your pup.

Meg said...

what do you call a guy with no legs and arms rolling in the leaves?

{shoulder shake} russell-russell-russell

Julie said...

Happy Halloween! We are participating in a Trunk-or-Treat at our church. I made an owl costume for my car- moving wings and all!

Timothy Loerke said...

I just hung out with friends, played ping pong, ate great food, and watched my new top 3 movie...Warrior. Wish I was in Lou with you and the gang!

Anonymous said...

haha, I LOVE both of those jokes. they will now be part of my Halloween tradition.
we spent our evening with our normal traditions: dressing up (even our dog) to hand out candy, watching Hocus Pocus and eating Chinese carry-out. A wonderful evening.
Happy Hallow-weenie!

kate said...

I love that joke so much! fun-e thanks for sharing.

Lindsey Beth Gainey said...

Holy cow! I just stumbled upon this website while perusing through Pinterest. Mid-read of the "Our story" I realized that you look super familiar. Within seconds I knew that you are the Emily with whom I attended high school at good ole SME. Then I saw the word "twinner" on your page and knew without a doubt it was those hilarious and spirited Richmond girls! Congratulations to you Emily on a wonderful marriage, beautiful life and successful way to share all things that make you happy. You are truly leaving your mark...and what a wonderful mark it will be.

Lindsey Beth Cannon Gainey

Today's Letters said...

lbcg, are you kidding me?! so good to see your comment on the blog! i hope you are doing well and that life has been good to you these past 15 years. encouraged that you'd take the time to say hi :) much love to you! xo, em

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