{Husband's Letters} Asheville Edition

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Dear Emma, I loved visiting North Carolina with you! Pretty sure one day we'll buy some land on the river and build a small little cabin where we can teach our rovers how to fish and build forts. Dear Kammok, sleeping in you meant I didn't have to make the bed. You are perfect for camping. Dear Asheville, I'm impressed by your blueberry chipotle ribs at 12 Bones, your mortadella pizza at Cucina 24, and your beer selection at the Thirsty Monk. Slightly jealous this is your daily dine. Dear Mrs. Loerke, so far this year we've purchased fishing licenses in Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, and now North Carolina. Love you more than catching a wild brookie on the South Mills River.

What are some of your camping essentials?

Some of ours are:
1. Left / Right Zip Sleeping Bags: to make one gigantic biscuit
2. Headlamps: for dance parties in our tent {why else would Petzel give us a strobe feature?}
3. Jetboil: to get our eat on
4. French Press: nothing like campfire coffee
5. Scharffenberger Chocolate: because good chocolate can make or break your S'mores
6. Frisbee: Team Loerke never goes anywhere without one
7. A Good Book: for reading beside the fire
8. Beverages: Left Hand Milk Stout for the Mr. & Fireman's #4 for the Mrs
9. Therm-A-rest: for sweet dreams
10. Tim's pipe & Em's cloves: because camping is a celebratory endeavor


Kimbojamma said...

Your list sounds great but add a journal in there and we're set!!

Pamela said...

I live about 45 minutes from Asheville! :) It's a gorgeous area! Glad you had fun!!

Erin Toews said...

Hubby's guitar, slack line, mini gas stove, huge tent that I can stand in, and a good book.


Valocrat said...

What a great camping list! Next time you're in Asheville try Mamacita's for some yummy Mexican food. It's right by the Orange Peel (concert venue) and great for some pre-concert yummerz. That city seriously has some incredible restaurants. Glad you had a nice trip!


Meg said...

Well, I'm a car camper, so add an air mattress, picnic blanket, and red wine, and you've got a plush set up! woop.woop.

Molly Roberson said...


Becky said...

I'm with Molly. Always bacon. Home-roasted coffee, iPhone earphones to watch movies & listen to tunes while the wee ones slumber, Tylenol pm for a good night's sleep in a tent of four people (2 loud & wild sleepers). Add that to your list, and we're good to go!! Had a fabulous family camping trip catching trout on the Deschutes in OR. Hubby's fave river of all times. Make it a point to get there one day. :) We'll even share our favorite eddy.

Lauren Welsh said...

Bacon! Although I do enjoy Left Hand Milk Stout, too

Anonymous said...

Love the camping list! Could have used a lot of those items this past weekend camping but our favorite thing to bring is our Eno hammock. Makes a world of difference and can't wait to sleep in it!

Anonymous said...

Journal. Good books. A cabin. I am not in love with sleeping outdoors.

Team Todhunter said...

I agree with bacon too. I would also add Reece's PB cups to use in your s'mores... you will never go back to chocolate!

We also just take Starbucks VIA for coffee... it just makes life easier.

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