{Gratitude} Lately

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Lately I've been thankful for new cities and vacations I don't deserve.

For slinging clay with my best.

For thrifted flannels and walks in Cherokee Park.

For velvet noses and open spaces.

For meters with 20 extra minutes.

For simple dinners that satisfy.

For strong legs and friends who encourage.

For afternoon walks when the sun breaks.

And for old things made new again. What have you been grateful for lately? Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough. Happy Tuesday, brave ones.


Melanie Duke said...

Thankful for two hour chats over pad thai. And for friends who teach me how to find cream in Whole Foods. Love YOU.

Across the Pond and Beyond: Ben&Molly Do Europe said...

For a hot, challenging wife, friends who will talk to me about things and be gracious to my abrasively loving dog, and trout.

Justin + Liesl said...

beautiful post. I'm afraid my list would be absurdly long and wouldn't fit in this small comment box if I said all the things I was grateful for. Once I get started I cannot stop and then I start realizing how grateful I am for things like staplers and color printers..... So much to be grateful for.



Erin said...

So grateful to live in a country where on this day I am able to exercise a precious right fought for me by the bravest beings in existence. USA! USA! USA!

Anonymous said...

Grateful my family on Long Island are safe and well, my son is thriving in college, my true love shares my life, my legs and arms are strong and my heart and mind are open and accepting.
SF Fan

Anonymous said...

Thankful for hearty asstackle at the end of 13.1! Love you Em!


Katie Ann said...

So grateful for the chance to vote, for warm woolen coats and Earl Grey Tea!

bucolic beauty said...

Today I am grateful for my lovely boss who stopped by my hobbit-hole yesterday to drop off a tin of the most amazing local and organic masala chai my taste buds have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It's love.

P.S. Oatmeal with blueberries is a frequent and favorite meal in our household.

Jennifer Bell said...

Because of my slight obsession to your blog, my husband and I have started a journal of love notes. We write notes to one another and leave it for the other to find. I love finding it wedged in my favorite flats, cuddled next to the grapes in my produce drawer, or nestled in my the cup holder of my car. Thank you for your inspiration, for your honesty, for your wit. Blessings!


Today's Letters said...

mduke, always love our hot dates. esp when they involve simply thai, good conversation, and late night whole paycheck runs. #bakingsoda #isle7

benj, your comment made me smile big. ps- tim is going to have ryder withdrawal tomorrow night. this i know! #dirtycarhartts

justin+liesl, you know i used to ask for office supplies for christmas when i was little? #staplers & #colorprinters. i like. i like.

erin, well said.

sf fan, loved your gratitude list. thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

morg, i'll asstackle you after 13.1 any day. still so PROUD of you.

katie ann, yes to earl grey!

k, i love you and your hobbit-hole. been missing you. the web ate your tumblr. love you more than masala chai with extra honey and cardamom.
ps - let's do dinner sometime.

jennifer, grateful you guys started a journal! sounds like y'all are nailing it in the hiding category. way to go.

bucolic beauty said...

Hey, pretty lady. I dislike having to leave a link here but I don't know your e-mail addy.
It expounds on where I've been and where I'll be. : )

michelle said...

Hey Em, this post makes me miss home so much so. Counting down the days until we are back in louisville for thanksgiving! Been thinking about you guys and all that comes with preparing for your move!

Michelle Smith

Today's Letters said...

Michelle, looking forward to hanging out with you and Justin whenever you visit! Can't wait to call your old stomping grounds home. Much love, Em

Alysa said...

Grateful for you and the way you point me to simplicity. Love you.

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