{Gratitude} Lately

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lately I've been thankful for our pup who decided to give up here.

For free flights to the city we'll soon call home.

For cookies that remind me of my 7 year old self.

For shared meals that I don't deserve.

For best friends who let us live in their guest room.

For lavender chai that makes winter warmer.

And for a wombmate who loves me just as I am. What have you been grateful for lately?
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Thursday, brave ones.


Anonymous said...

thankful for your post, so I sit down and think of how many things there are to be grateful for!

thankful for healthy parents

thankful for good friends

thankful for a pretty adventskranz my mom gave me. it gave candlelight to my adventtime

thankful for pretty art that came all the way from etsy/california

thankful for being invited to a sponsored skiing weekend in the alps :) :) :) (insert awesome-nature-ski-party-meet lots of nice people here)


Molly Roberson said...

so many things. quiet homes. cold walks. warm cups. best friends that will be home in a week. shared meals. chasing snow. road trips. newness.

Mary said...

Are those snowball/pecan sandies? Those are my favorite Christmas cookie to make - reminds me of baking cookies with my family as a kid.

I'm thankful for having such wonderful family and friends to spend the holidays with. For time off from work. For the generosity of others. For people who take care of you when you're under the weather. For so many wonderful things that made a great 2012.

Kristina said...

Thankful for healthy grandparents, family dinners, new additions to the family, quiet time, lazy afternoons, hot chocolate, kindness.

Papa said...

Thankful that you will never forget your 7 year old self and that in one week we will be arriving at818 your new home.

Chelsie said...

Oh Emily, those cookies bring back some memories! My great grandma used to make them for me. Happy Friday!


kristyn said...

love lavender chai :) and who can pass up christmas cookies? yummm.
i'm thankful for visits with family, city trips and a new comfy scarf.

happy new year!


Today's Letters said...

Mary, they're Scottish Shortbread Cookies. So delicious! My Grandma Anne used to make them.

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