{Gratitude} Lately

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lately I've been thankful for donuts and coffee with friends before church.

For quiet mornings and warm mugs to hold.

For sunny days and chickens to feed.

For afternoon naps and inseparable pups.

For a place to call home and friends who stop by unannounced.

For reminders of Texas in Kentucky.

And for the gift of learning new things with people who inspire me.
What have you been grateful for lately?
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Tuesday, brave ones.


Ginny Suhr said...

For the sunshine in a cold and usually gray Cleveland winter. For the joyful exuberance of my dogs and my nephew. For the ability to help others. For sushi on Tuesday night with friends. For the man who has started putting little love letters in the lunch he packs for me each morning. For happy tears. And for my new friend Emily who reminds me to remember these things with love and thanks. xo

Val Reaves said...

For frosty breath on a clear and beautiful morning...for happily fed animal companions...for that cup of coffee with spices and vanilla...for the anticipation of a new day...for the dreams that lie ahead of me...for the guidance of my Heavenly Father... It's All Good!
Val in Kansas

Robyn said...

fantastic. i'm grateful for running buddies that make you go out even when it is freezing...and soup!

Melanie Duke said...

For a Hobbit Hole to call home. For a friend who I can share "moving excitement AND fears" with. For that same friend who reminds me that being uncomfortable is good - that the Lord is using it for my good. REALLY thankful that River and Ryder nap together so well.

Heather Counsellor said...

For cold Nashville days where all you want to do is snuggle on the couch under quilts with an old black and white movie.

For hope that cannot be quenched - no matter how many tears.

For friends that you instantly connect with.

For blogging friends who share their world with us.

Little Wife said...

For wild turkey footprints in the snow. For a warm bed and someone to snuggle in it with. For transparency and how it brings people closer together. For this time of unemployment, and how it allows me to grow personally.

Thanks for sharing your list!

sj said...

For new and interesting blogs and websites to read on my lunch break. :p

I think you might like this one I just stumbled across: http://resolutewoman.tumblr.com/

Dana said...

For knowing that God, family and friends are all that really matter; for connecting with my husband again through long-awaited date nights; for Reckless Faith; for bloggers who inspire me; for my kids' hearts for our new sponsor child; for knowing God is moving me and for feeling Jesus take my hand so I'm brave.

bucolic beauty said...

I love your exuberance for life, lady.
Lately, I've been grateful for our newly painted chartreuse walls, homemade granola, living life sans sucrose, and reveling in my hippie-ness.
Donuts sound really good, though.

Kristina said...

Lately I've been grateful for road trips, new opportunities, good friends who share chais and lemon cake with me, and great new music finds.

Ashley Shaw said...

For our precious home in the Lou, for my forever-loving basset hound, for grad school work that pushes me, for a husband who supports me with everything he has, and for delicious gluten-free foods and recipes that I am discovering everyday.

Anonymous said...

For heat in the bitter cold.

For reconnecting with old friends.

For daffodils that remind us spring is coming.

For my Savior who is amazing.

The Real Me- TLF said...

For my headaches that remind me I am alive when I shouldn't be. For the rain on a tin roof while waiting for the rainbow promise. For learning to be a little more domesticated. For being able to laugh at myself!!!

HipfoodieMom said...

Awww,Sunergos. Good stuff. My favorite coffee shop is Days. Then Quills. Ramsis brunch, and The Bristols green chili wontons. OH MY!!! You are making miss the ville!! Keep Louisville Wierd.

Cari said...

Greg (hubby for 21 yrs & man-of-my-dreams since 1986) & I write in a gratitude journal every night before bed since 1998. We have used them to create 'memory' books for our two daughters, laugh, cry and remind us to continue to Do Work. I am grateful we have persevered and continue to continue!

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