{Happy Martin Luther King Day!}

Monday, January 21, 2013

It's no secret that one of my favorite holidays is Martin Luther King Day. Our world would be such a different place had it not been for this man's efforts to help end racial segregation. Amen?

For the last several years we've celebrated by cooking Martin Luther King's favorite meal: fried chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, mac & cheese, sweet tea and homemade pecan pie.

We also celebrate by watching a documentary about MLK's efforts to transform the civil rights movement in America. Btw, Netflix has a wide selection of documentaries under "watch it instantly."
Here is one of our favorites.

Happy Monday, brave ones!
{See past MLK Dinners Here: 2010 // 2011 // 2012}


Livyb said...

Oh, that pie looks delicious. Have never seen a pecan pie with a top crust. Share your recipe?
And, I love that this is one of your favorite holidays!

The Real Me- TLF said...

Love your constant enthusiasm for life Em! And Livyb, I think that might be filling as opposed to top crust. But I could be wrong. :-/

MJ said...

the pie! No, actually that whole meal makes me hungry. I love how you celebrate everything. It's the little things...that are big things.

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