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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

After 16 hours in a UHaul we finally made it to Louisville!
River Slept on my lap most of the way while my Papa and I talked, laughed, and reminisced
about our favorite childhood memories. The last few days have been spent finding A) the Pharmacy
B) taking River and Ryder on walks down Frankfort and C) eating amazing food with friends
here, here, and here. What have you been up to this week? I'd love to hear!
Also, I have two GA tickets to the SOLD OUT Mumford & Sons / Ben Howard concert on 2/6/13 in Brooklyn. Email me at em@todaysletters.com if you're interested in them!
Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


Valocrat said...

Seriously, you must try Cafe Lou Lou :) Cheers to your new adventures in Louisville!

Ashley Shaw said...

Have you had Ramsi's yet?? Or the Irish Rover? :) So good! Welcome to the Lou!

Twinner said...

so glad you made it to ky*

can't wait to visit, indeed. flannel and carhartts are packed!

lovely weekend with little spent sleeping in, morning light, hash brekky from aunt mary's kitchen, home brewed chemex coffee, alameda flea market, a run on the bay view trail, redwood canopies, and stella love. perfect!

miss you.

Bekah said...

It's still to good to be true!

Morning with sweet friends. Lunch and a walk to the river for fish feeding. Collecting sticks for a campfire later... Perfect night for s'mores, just saying ;) #comehang #twinnertoo


Kristina said...

So happy to hear that you made it to your new home. Must be so exciting! This week I was also preparing for my upcoming move (location still unknown) and an allergy test later this week. To distract myself from these not so fun activities I spent quality time w/ old friends and family :)

Molly Roberson said...

so much goodness. Blessed is an understatement. Thanks for aiding me back to health & supporting me as we watched sweet babe kick & punch.
more than a shared deep dish & four mile walks with two pups.

Anonymous said...

That is a pile of cuteness with those two dogs! Glad you made it to your new home safely. Thanks for the Letters that keep inspiring and keep me smiling. Your five questions are helping my relationship - much thanks from Oregon.

Kristen said...

Welcome home!

Sara said...

Hey! It was fun to find you through the Taylor Ties Newsletter. Looks like things are going really well for you! Enjoy your new city!


sj said...

I just found your blog and was so excited to see that you live in Dallas - considering that I do too and I love to write letters (for real) and I follow cup of jo.

then, I went to your home page and saw this post. HA!

Ironically good timing. Have fun in L-ville. My hubby says its one of the coolest places to live. sounds like you belong there :)

Amanda said...

I've just discovered your blog while looking at pinterest (a guilty pleasure of mine).
You and your husband's love for one another is so inspiring to me. It gives me hope that I too may have a marraige filled with laughter, love, and the Lord. Thank you so much!

Today's Letters said...

valocrat, will be sure and add that to our list!

ash, i have been to ramsi's! and the irish rover is within walking distance from the bungalow. currently, flannigan's has my heart :)

twinner, no need to pack anything. you always wear my clothes when you come visit. #twinners ... ps, get here already!

bek, i need time with you at the river house. soon, my girl. SOON.

kristina, new adventures ahead. #thisgood

mmr, have i told you how much i love living with my best friend? it's pretty amazing. #walks #laughs #tagteamchores #familymeals ... we're blessed!

anony, love oregon! love that you're doing our 5 questions. they've made the biggest difference in our marriage.

kristen, thanks sweet girl :)

coggs, so GOOD to hear from you! hope all is well and life is bringing you much joy.

sj, we're all over the place! loved our 10 years in dallas. loved my first week in lou.

anony, thankful. humbled. grateful.

Maggie and Ben said...

Time out. I used to be a daily reader but took a break from the blogging world for a while. I came back to your blog today and saw that you moved to Louisville and live on Frankfort...which is crazy because I live in Louisville off of Frankfort. Also graduated from Taylor. What brought you to our wonderful city? I'm so pumped you're in the area! You'll love F.A.T Fridays. :)

Today's Letters said...

maggie, are you serious? keep an eye out for us on frankfort! we're the crazies with two pups. came to the ville for a slower pace of life and four seasons. also have great friends here. do you ever go to quills?

Kimberly said...

I just found your blog randomly via Pinterest. I'm not married nor engaged but I truly feel called to be married one day (God's will) and love reading about other couples and how Christ is the center of the relationship. Love your blog and the idea of letters...


From another Kentuckian :)

The Bluegrass Welcomes you!

Today's Letters said...

kimberly, so glad you found us! love your stomping grounds. only been here a week and a half and i'm already in love.

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