Wednesday, January 02, 2013

We're officially packed.
Praise the Great Lion of Judah.


Shay said...

Happy Trails to you! Can't wait to see what adventures await you guys in Kentucky!

PS. River is so super cute.

Cat @Perpetual Perfection said...

Save travels! Excited to read about y'all's new chapter, but sad y'all wont be in Texas anymore! Always wanted to lunch with y'all if I were in town from Houston. Favorite blog ever and such a great daily inspiration!

Penguin said...

Wait. You are moving to Kentucky?? I love your blog, and live in Ohio!

Megan equest2005 (at) woh (dot) rr (dot) com

Today's Letters said...

shay, that she is! she loves having her buddy ryder to explore with.

cat, why so sweet? let me know if you're ever in the bluegrass state.

penguin, ohio is CLOSE! glad we're neighbors :)

Jessica Swanson said...

Pictures of River make me make crazy "this is so cute faces" at my computer even though I'm in a crazy packed lecture.

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