{Learning to Walk}

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Today I'm thankful for the walks I've had each day since moving to Louisville. They've reminded me to explore the city I call home, to value absence of words as much as I do deep conversations, and to appreciate the the free dog biscuits and poop bags at the corner of Peterson & Frankfort Ave.
* * *
Ralph Waldon Emerson once said, "Few people know how to take a walk. Qualifications for a good one are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity,
good speech, good silence, and nothing too much."
I think Ralph was on to something.


Delba Cristina said...

Free poop bags!? What a nice city!
Walks are good for rewinding, thinking about life, and there's no better way to exercise than with your dog :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Welcome to Louisville :) I'm sitting in an office in Louisville as I type this :)
Its a great city - but be prepared for pollen hell in about 3 months ;)

Marie said...

Love walks. Also, do you guys know the band Sea Wolf? You might like them. Some good songs are Old Friend and Dear Fellow Traveler...well there are a lot of good ones. Anyways, just in case :)

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I sent that quote to a few friends this week. It is so true.

I was teaching our German Shorthaired /American Collie named Ethel how to walk last night. I think she ended up walking me.

Morgan Paige said...

heard that! here's to bringing back to art of walking.

Molly Roberson said...

Everything about this is perfect!

Heather Counsellor said...

Love. This. Post.

So much. The sentence "Im learning to value the absence of words as much as I do deep conversations." is so true in my life. Thanks for sharing...I think I will share as well, with a link to this awesome blog.

Happy almost Friday. :)

Meg said...

me like that quote.

Anonymous said...

Love the Emerson quote.

Some of my most valued friendships are with those who don't need to fill silence with meaningless words.

Peeling Walls said...

I love everything about this post:)


Today's Letters said...

delba, i couldn't agree moare!
rebecca, i fear it's already hit me! woke up this morning with a sore throat and watery eyes. so glad you get to enjoy this city we now call home!
marie, love sea wolf. also love the songs you suggested. we cold make a great mixed tape together.
the yellow door, i walk to get walked too!
morgan, never thought i'd still be learning how to walk in my 30's but it's been truly amazing.
mmr, couldn't ask for a better walking sidekick. more than warm banana bread out of the oven and 65 degree afternoons.
heather, humbled my thoughts struck a cord for you. #learningalongsideofyou
meg, me too.
anony, yes to everything you said. #100penniesvs4quarters
janine, enjoy walking this week.

anna znachko said...

Ralph absolutely has it pegged. Life would truly be missing something treasured and critical if walks were to disappear.

~ callee ~ said...

RWE was onto something - I think he has it pegged perfectly. There is just somethinga bout a simple walk that's just the best thing. Thank you for posting that quote. I love your letters!

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