{Happy National Pi Day!}

Thursday, March 14, 2013

{Homemade Vegan Sweet Potato Pi : 2010}

{Homemade Apple Skillet Pi : 2011}

{Key Lime Pi : 2012}

{Dutch Apple Caramel Pi & Wild Maine Blueberry Pi : 2013}

Sometimes you're just too exhausted to bake.
But isn't anything picked up within 5 miles of home considered homemade?
We like to think so.

Happy National Pi Day, brave ones.


Kate Leichhardt said...

I love your brain. Can we celebrate next year?

Papa said...

I will make you a Ho-made Pi on the 12th of April. Promise!

Timothy Loerke said...

Papa, can I make a request? Maybe a coconut cream pie? Just sayin.

Janet Rose said...

Last year I celebrated Pi day by making pecan pie...this year it was homemade lemon meringue. Yummy! That blueberry "Pi"looks and sounds so good!

MJ said...

That key lime pie looks divine.

We made strawberry rhubarb - it just seems appropriate for spring being around the corner!

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