{Projects} Around The Harvest House : Part I

Thursday, March 28, 2013

This past week we've been busy at the Harvest House scoring things like this gem off of Craigslist.
It weighs 400 lbs and nearly gave us a hernia trying to move it. We. are. old.
Soon it will have a refinished top and set up shop in our entryway.

Tim has been working long hours with our buddy Eric on our farm table.
Yesterday they sent it through the drum sander at Louisville Lumber & Mill.
Definitely worth every bit of the $30 it cost to make this baby smooth.

Speaking of Eric, he's a man of many talents. Over the weekend he refinished our claw foot tub.
It looks amazing! You can email him at ejsforest@gmail.com if you're interested in in getting a bid.

We've also been working on smaller projects like assembling our compost bin, hanging towel bars in the bathrooms & unpacking. All I have to say is come Lord Jesus before I have to open another box.

Hope you have been enjoying your week! What projects have you been working on lately?
Happy Thursday, brave ones.


Melissa Marie Head said...

I am envious of your claw foot tub! Can't wait to see how the farm table turns out. Amazing! I have been stripping wood at my brother's 100 year old farmhouse - quite the task

Brandy said...

There's a very good chance that we will come visit you and maybe try to steal that table. I will blame it on Selah and she will charm you so you won't be mad. Love love love your house- Wes and I talked about how beautiful it is. Miss you guys bunches!

yes to brightness said...

"all I have to say is come Lord Jesus before I have to open another box"
hahaha you are so funny
that typewriter succulent set up is niiiice

Ingrid said...

I can't wait to see the finished table. I grew up soaking in a claw foot tub and now have one of my very own. Hello bubble bath :)

Jade said...

Your Harvest House posts make me so happy and inspired...and a bit impatient for my own home.

Sue T said...

I love that table.
want, want, want!!!

Enjoy your lovely new home.

esther. said...

This is awesome! You get to make your house your home.

I've been trying to purge purge purge. I recently read an article on Raptitude about being good parents to your "stuff" and it really struck me. So, to be a good steward of things and time and space, in general, I'm purging. It feels so good!

aimee bee said...

We just bought a house in December so *hopefully* this weekend will be the first time we can get our hands on the yard!

Jess said...

Two thumbs up for that compost bin! And all the goodness of your new home. May it be filled with abundance & laughter & joy!

Rachel said...

This looks gorgeous, Em! Love the succulents. Sounds like an amazing adventure!

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