{A Sweet Reunion}

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A couple of weeks ago one of the best things of my life happened; my Twinner and Papa came to visit.
It had been 10 years since the three of us had been together so the look on my dad's face
when he saw Sarah standing in the kitchen was truly priceless.
Lots of hugs. Lots of tears. Lots of goodness.
The surprises continued as we went to a Fleetwood Mac concert {we. are. old}
and taught Twinner & Papa how to fly fish. They were naturals!
We made our bellies happy by filling them with cheese sticks from Flanagan's, coffee from Quills, beignets from The Fish House, smoked chicken salad from Hillbilly Tea, and
burgers and frijtes from Hammerheads & The Holy Grale.
Our favorite meals, however, were those shared at The Harvest House eaten around Tim's table.
Nothing beats homemade banana bread french toast & my Papa's biscuits and gravy!
We also spent time outside going on walks, enjoying the Flea off Market, and repurposing the carport in our backyard into a garden fence. It looks amazeballs! {more photos coming soon}
I often say "friends are the family you get to choose."
I'm humbled and grateful to know that I'd pick my family just as I would my friends.
They teach me more than anyone about humility, grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

... There are many things that can change a life; a surprise visit is one of them ...
Happy Saturday, brave ones.


Anonymous said...

That must have been one amazing reunion! God is so good!

Happy for you!

Mari said...

Beautiful photos. Lovely memories. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You always make my day brighter here in Oregon ( even today when we have abundant sunshine). Jill

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I love how you find the beauty in the everyday. Your blog is such a refreshing change of pace! :)

Just Jinny said...

I have a question. I love your photos, they are so real. My question is..how many times do you have to say 'Don't look at me. Just keep doing what you are doing.'?? People have a tendency to stop and smile, pose, hide..whatever..when the camera comes out.

Today's Letters said...

just jinny, sometimes i have to say that but i've gotten better about taking sneaky pics :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you three have not been together since 10 years!! Wow - so good you got to enjoy this time! So happy for you!

Krystal said...

these pictures look like the best span of time ever!

Heather Counsellor said...

Nothing like family time. Best memories ever! Happy for you!

Meg said...

From a girl who's seen so much redemption in my own family,
Praise the God who makes all things new!

Unknown said...

Love this post Em!! Great photos- wonderful memories!!! So happy for time with the fam. - mags

Kate said...

Question: What do you do with your hair to make it all lovely and wavy and such. I'm sure a lot of it is natural but what products and such do you use?
Thanks much,

Today's Letters said...

kate, my hair is naturally curly but i typically shower at night and sleep with it up in a top knot. this helps add a little curl when i take it down in the morning. i also rarely brush it - maybe once every three months?? i use divacurl shampoo and conditioner which also helps!

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