{Gratitude} Lately

Monday, April 29, 2013

Lately I've been thankful for Patagonia canvas shorts and fresh farm eggs. 

For front porch pups and paprika colored doors.

For rovers who love superheros and morning juice mustaches.

For the places I've traveled and for glazes that turn out better than expected.

For first meals in new homes and trusted friends.

For handmade gifts and notes found in secret pockets.

For homemade bread left on our doorstep and the thoughtfulness of others.

And for tree tunnels in Cherokee Park and afternoon drives in the Wagoneer.
What have you been grateful for lately?
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Monday, brave ones!


Timothy Loerke said...

I'm grateful for a wife who has a bright mind filled with great ideas about life and always looks hot even though she may not agree. I'm grateful for a job that allows me to help others and have fun while doing it. I'm grateful for a state that is beautiful!

Rachel @ MyWholesomeHome said...

I'm gratefull for blog posts like this that brighten my day!

Val Reaves said...

I'm moving, so I'm thankful for the things that will come with me and I'm thankful to let go of those things that will have a new future with someone else, and to bless them as they go... I'm thankful for the well wishes of those who encourage me to walk into my destiny...(and it's always interesting to see who resists it...) And I'm thankful for a meal when I get tired, and a bed to collapse into...

Niki said...

I'm grateful for the man who showed me to the library today.wouldn't have found it otherwise.

dreaming is believing

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for blogs like yours that remind me to be grateful. I recently read an article about how beneficial it is to recognize the gifts in one's life. I think you might find it interesting! Here's the link: http://www.thechangeblog.com/gratitude/

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