{Happy 8 Years Mr. Loerke!}

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Timothy James,

Today we celebrate 8 years of marriage. Sometimes we say it's been the best 6 years of our life. Thankfully, those first two years were difficult enough that it pushed us towards seeking counseling, doing self work, and being committed to recovery. As a result we've realized that good marriages are a dime a dozen, but great marriages take lots of hard work. I'm thankful that we work hard at ours every day!

I'm also thankful for the places we've traveled and the memories we've made. We've snorkeled in the Bahamas, sipped wine in Napa, eaten crab legs in Seattle, panned for gold in Alaska, kayaked in the Juneau Borough, taken naps in hammocks in Mexico, participated in adventure races, watched Bon Iver perform from the 2nd row, fly fished in Austin, Arkansas, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Kentucky, camped in the Blue Ridge Mountains, spoken about grace and forgiveness in Uganda, named our first dog after one of our favorite things, moved across the country, and bought our first home. These memories will always be near and dear to my heart, but nothing tops giving you stitches in our office and watching you graduate from PA school. I've never been so proud of you!

Thank you for constantly reminding me to get outside and play, to find joy in the small things, and to poke dead things with sticks. I adore you.

All my heart,


Kimbojamma said...

Happy Anniversary, you two!! What a blessing you have been to me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! I stumbled across your blog in my first (and very terrible) year of marriage, and honestly you guys gave me such hope. Thank you for your honesty, for the talk you posted, for being real about how things can be super hard but then get better, and even a peronal response to an email from me one time. We're now in our second (and astronomically better) year of marriage! You guys are the best!

Robyn said...

You guys are amazing. Happy anniversary!

Kristina said...

Wow, 8 years is impressive! You are such an inspiration and I hope that when I get married one day I'll remember the things your letters have taught me. Happy Anniversary!

Heather Counsellor said...

Congrats on 8 trips around the sun together!!

Thank you both for opening your lives and hearts to all of us. For your vulnerability and honesty - you are an example to us all that marriage is a good thing, that it can work and that it is worth every ounce you put into it. You two are changing lives and saving marriages one blog post at a time.

From our hearts to yours - thank you! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

Harriet said...

I feel like celebrating with you, thank you for taking us along on this journey and for publicly living an inspirational marriage. Your words give wisdom and hope to so many people and I for one am blessed by the Loerke marriage. Congratulations!

Molly Roberson said...

You. Are. Amazing.
I'm so proud of you both. Your marriage is the biggest inspiration. Knowing you is such a gift that I thank God for everyday. It is so encouraging to see you love each other well. I'm honored to know you & see you live out your letters. Thank you for being vulnerable & continuing this blog.

Anonymous said...

... almost brought tears to my eyes.
I can only look up to the way you live your life and your marriage.
I am sure you have so many more amazing years ahead!

Tammy H. said...

Happy Anniversary!

Val Reaves said...

Well done! Congratulations!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Happy 8 years!! Can you write more about your first 2 years of marriage? About what propelled you to seek out counseling and how you changed your marriage around? I would love to hear more of what is likely a very inspiring story. Have a wonderful day celebrating!

Jenny said...

Happy anniversary, Loerkes! I've been following your blog since the early part of a tough second year of marriage. You have inspired my husband and I to work harder at our marriage and as we approach our anniversary, things have finally started to turn a corner. Thank you for sharing so openly and courageously-- you are wonderful role models!

Today's Letters said...

kimbo, you've been one of the few who has been around since the beginning! thanks for being such a faithful reader. xoxo!

anony, we were so encouraged by your comment! grateful to hear your second year of marriage is better. keep working hard at self work and intentionally pursuing your spouse.

robyn, we. are. a. mess, but thank you for your kind words :)

kristina, thanks for always being so encouraging!

heather, permission to hit us upside the head if we ever stop being authentic! marriage is hard, but oh so rewarding.

harriet, your words. sheesh. thank you!

mmr, i'm thankful that you see our mess and keep pushing us towards christ. you are the best friend i could ever ask for. more than lots of hugs and not being hungry.

k, tim asked me tonight about how we should celebrate our 10 year. i'm blessed for sure!

tammy h, it was indeed a happy day!

val, i feel like taking a bow. you're cute.

kelley, thank you sweet girl!

anony, tim and i talk about our first two years in our re:engage talk. you can find it by clicking on our about link at the top of our blog! hope that helps :)

jenny, i'm so encouraged by your comment! grateful things have started to turn a corner for you guys. i fall short of loving tim daily. thankfully he's a man who extends grace and forgiveness when it's the last thing i deserve. keep loving your dude. xo

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous from above...I just listened to your ReEngage talk. Thanks so much for your courage in sharing your beautiful story. I can't wait to use your tips and weekly questions in my future marriage someday!
Best to you and Tim.

Lizzi said...

sooo sweet. encouraging to see that even the two of you had issues and sought council and it's not a shameful thing.

Happy 8th! and here's to many many more celebrations.

Lizzi @ doinglifebetter.org

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