{KY Green Living Fair}

Monday, April 01, 2013

On Saturday Kate, Molls, and I took a road trip to Somerset for the KY Green Living Fair.
We got to pet goats, hold rabbits, eat the best pastries of our life, learn more about bees, listen to bluegrass music, and be inspired by local farmers.
Somehow we walked away with free grass fed beef, wild caught Alaskan salmon filets, local honey, goats milk soap, Vanilla Chai Rooibee Tea, a pound of Sweetgrass granola, and a discounted hive from Walter T. Kelley.
Sheesh. We are blessed.
I'm so grateful we made the five hour drive to attend this incredible event.
I love learning more about my new state!
Hope to see you there next year.
Happy Monday, brave ones.


Alexandra Werner Winslow said...

I wanted to attend! I haven't commented before, but live in Prestonsburg, the 'star city of Eastern Kentucky.' I teach at a tiny school out in one of the coal camps nearby. I've long, long enjoyed your blog and am loving hearing about your explorations of your new Kentucky home. So glad you were able to make it out towards our part of the state!

Katie said...

Wow! Your pictures are beautiful! That Green Living Fair looks like the place to be - bluegrass music and homegrown living. Ah!

Do you already keep bees? Are you and your friends planning to start keeping bees? That sounds like such an amazing adventure!

Rachel said...

I wish I had a place like this nearby! This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing some of the beautiful things in life.

Mary Margaret Pendleton said...

I love that you went with Kate! She and her husband shot our wedding in July. They're fantastic! Glad you're enjoying our awesome state!

Today's Letters said...

alexandra, i love your state! the end.

katie, several of my friends keep bees. we'll start our own hive in may once we get our nuc!

rachel, it was indeed amazing!

mmp, kate and lang have become sweet friends. grateful to have them live so close to us.

Hannah. said...

y'all are just the cutest. i was so happy to meet you! ...i read all three of your blogs (!) and so it was fun seeing your faces in person. lots of love from bugtussle!

Sweetgrass Granola said...

Hey there, hope you liked our granola and thanks for the shoutout! Our website is www.sweetgrassgranola.com though (the link is a teensy bit off currently).

Great pics for a great day!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a Kentucky blogger who attended the fair last Saturday. My husband and I had a great time and can't wait until next year! So glad I found your blog.

Today's Letters said...

sweet hannah, you are amazing! such an old soul. you're like falling into an easy chair. hope our paths cross again soon.

sweetgrass granola, we are diggin our granola! will be sure and fix your link as well.

Samantha Neely said...

Sigh sigh and double sigh. Your poetry of words and pictures make it feel like I'm there. This California girl wants to get away and wouldn't mind dropping right in the middle of your world!

Inspired by the love you and your Mr. have for one another. Thank you :)

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