{Gratitude} Lately

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lately I've been thankful for well-worn pearl snaps and fresh muscle sprouts.

For baths outside and pups with rabbit ears.

For buttered pretzel buns and sword in the stone pickles.

For honey making bees and hives that remind me of the ocean.

For Napoleon Chocolate Mouse and bakeries within walking distance of the Harvest House.

For my Papa's Banana Bread and early mornings on the porch swing.

For dirty garden paws and fresh herbs for cooking.

And for bearded men who sell organized spices and best friends who makes you tea when you're sick.
What have you been grateful for lately?
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Saturday, brave ones!


Anonymous said...

Snap the long flowery thing off your basil plants... it'll make the basil less bitter and grow better!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for fresh peas and lettuce out of my garden, peeks of sunshine among days of rain, friends who are experiencing joy and for my 10 day pledge to eat only whole foods. Jill in OR

Today's Letters said...

anony, took the photo before we cut it back. no mi gusta bitter herbs! i was surprised to see it flower so soon. it's just a little guy!

anony2, i like your gratitude list! love your heart to celebrate friends.

MaKaela said...

I am grateful for my three year old daughter who showed me to find the joy in bubbles while doing dishes!

Molly Roberson said...

So much to be grateful for. What an amazing life! Thanks for reminding me to stay present & enjoy the simple things. Love you!

Ali said...

I'm grateful for time. Nothing is greater than waking up and having another day of life!

Jessica Zigenis said...

Your gratitude posts are so refreshing, sometimes I find myself fighting back tears when I read them. Thank you for reminding me that we are blessed and gratitude turns everything into enough.

Caitlin said...

Love that picture of your dog taking an outdoor tub. These posts of gratitude are so refreshing and always remind me to stop in the moment, look around, and say thanks.

Linda Davidson said...

I'm grateful for air conditioning! It's over 90 here today. Loved walking in a beautiful park with a good friend today. Loved seeing the horses outside today!

Linda Davidson

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