{Projects} Around The Harvest House : Part III

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The past few weeks have been busy around the Harvest House! We assembled our raised beds.
{Thank you Fresh Start!}

Filled them with dirt. {75 bags of top soil and 18 loads of organic potting soil to be exact}.

We planted kale, snap beans, carrots, beets, jalapenos, red peppers, fingerling potatoes, moon & stars watermelon, cukes, spinach, baby greens, heirloom & black cherry tomatoes, basil, and dill.

We started to see signs of life after a week of being in the ground. {Happy cukes}

We also stained and sealed our fence.

Which meant I got to repaint the side of the house next door. Oops.

Our sweet friend Bek came over and hung the curtains she made.
This girl is an amazing seamstress but an even more amazing mama & friend.

We also stained our front porch swing and painted the angle irons and hardware my Papa sent.
Where would we be without dads?

And where would I be without this dude? He works his ass off.

Speaking of working your ass off ... Reason #482 why you shouldn't wear your favorite pair of jeans to work in the yard.

Have I said how much we love owning a home?
Well, the bank owns most of it but it still feels like a dream come true.
After 6 weeks of sleeping here we still can't believe we get to live at the Harvest House. What the what?
Stay tuned for another project post coming soon. We've been busy around here!
Happy Wednesday, brave ones.

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Heather Counsellor said...

Em, it is looking great! Don't ya just love the feeling of a project "done and done" when it is your own house? Kind of like that first bite of watermelon on a hot summer day!

Thanks for sharing with your peeps!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

We are in the process of buying our first home and it scares the bejeezus out of us! But we're ready (we think! ha!).

We are moving from my husband's family's farm (they sold it--so we have to move) and I told him that I'd love either a table or counter tops made from wood around the farm. I got the idea from your pics of the table Tim made! My husband loves the idea because we now can take a little of the farm with us! :)

Robyn said...

I think the house looks great,and its all coming together...Well done you !

Melissa Marie Head said...

You are making such progress so quick. I am loving it! your house reminds me so much of my house. Mine is a bit more funky with the colors but same era of house I think.

Josh and Haley said...

The raised beds look great! Just curious - why did y'all surround them with the metal wall? It looks really neat and tidy! :) And - where do you keep the chickens? :) I can't wait to see the girls and their coop!

Jen said...

You two are on a roll! I just showed my husband the pic of your garden beds with up cycled sheet metal fencing; you have inspired him to get creative in our backyard. Keep the project posts coming, maybe I'll ge inspired to finally get some change going in my house!

Molly Roberson said...

The Harvest House is the BEST!!!! So much peace. So much love. So much goodness.

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