{Projects Around The Harvest House} : Part IV

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Some of you have been asking about our carport turned garden fence.
Here is an explanation of how and why we did it!

Our original carport looked like this. It was an eyesore, was too short to pull Griswold into,
and it looked like a saggy pair of underwear in snowstorm.

Tim worked on disassembling it in stages, saving all of the metal roofing material & wooden crossbeams.

With two dogs, chickens, and other neighborhood animals we knew it would be a good idea to build a fence to keep our furry friends out of our soon to be garden. Why not re-use what we had?

Because there's simply nothing better than a family project we enlisted Twinner and Papa to help us
turn the steel panels into a fence.

We drilled 3" wood screws through the pannels into the pre-existing posts.

Soon our garden fence started to look like this.

And now it looks like this.

It still needs a gate {hoping to find an old one at a flea market or garage sale}, as well as some lights strung across it for summer evenings outside, but so far we're really happy with it.
The metal fence has kept the birds from dive bombing our garden,
and it's also been a great form of insulation for our raised beds on cooler days.
Overall Cost : $25.38 for a box of 3" wood screws, concrete drill bit, and a 4x4x8.
Not too shabby.

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Josh and Haley said...

Just curious, I don't know much about bees but I have been reading up in hopes of starting a hive next spring. So, I am sure that you know bunches more than me! But, I read somewhere that fences can change a bees flight path, causing them to raise their flight path up above the fence... So, I was wondering if you had ever heard that and if that will keep your bees from finding your garden and pollinating it. Just curious... And I can't wait to see the chickens! :)

Ashleigh said...

This is seriously genius! Our dog doesn't mess with our garden but our chickens do! And we STILL haven't planted our spring... rrr summer... garden because we just know they'll get into it! I'll have to show this to hubs. Our cheapo plastic green chicken fencelike wall around it did not work!

Anonymous said...

Love it. P.S. Let's plan a grill out night with y'all and the Leichhardt's and celebrate the nice perfect weather that we are finally getting!

Mary said...

This is so cool. I love how you're turning your home into a little urban homestead. It's super inspiring. I love the creativity in reusing the fence too. How do you find to do all these amazing projects?

Jennifer said...

I love your blog! Such happiness shared here! A question: is River not your only dog?

Anonymous said...

Do the Robersons live with you? Is Ryder "your" second dog? :)

the zundelephant in the room said...

Ohhhhh yeah! Looking good! Ready for a harvest swap?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Robersons other dog.?

Today's Letters said...

josh & haley, typically if you have bees in the city you have to have an 8 foot fence. bees can clear up to 10 feet before taking off. our bees can fly up to 2 miles away and return to their hive just fine! your neighbors will appreciate the fence although honeybees are much less likely to sting than wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and bumblebees.

ash, chickens can fly over 4ft unless their wings are clipped. our fence is just over 4ft tall to keep out the animals. enclosing your garden is a wise move!

lauren, that sounds amazing! let's do this. #grillingandchilling

mary, i honestly don't know where we come up with some of the things we do. but we've enjoyed doing them!

jennifer, anony, river is our pup, ryder is the roberson's dog. he currently lives with us, but we love him like he was our own! #communalliving

avis, ready. also ready to sleep in your murphy bed. #taco

anony, kola's at the inlaws!

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