{Projects Around The Harvest House} : Part V

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lately we've been busy coming up with watering solutions for the Harvest House.
For the front of the house we used a 50 gallon barrel we found on Craigslist for $25.
Converting it into a rain barrel was easy after purchasing a rain barrel diverter kit and a spigot.

For the back yard we had to get a little creative.
Watering five raised beds every day isn't cheap so we came up with a solution to use the leftover wood from our carport and build a frame to vertically house two rain barrels.

Without a gutter system in the back corner of our yard we decided to use three large funnels
to catch the rain water. My dad said they look more like urinals.

Once the rain falls into the funnels it fills the top barrel and overflows into the bottom barrel
via a PVC pipe we connected with a couple of elbow fittings.
The spigot at the bottom allows us to attach a hose so we can now water our raised beds.

We've also been busy with our bees and added a second box to our hive last week.
At the rate they're making honey we'll have to add another shallow super in the next few days.

Our other big project was repainting a pair of Adirondack chairs for the front porch.
Tim prepped the chairs by removing the old paint. Praise the Great Lion of Judah for hand sanders.

After two coats of Benjamin Moore's Wedgewood Gray the Adirondack chairs look like this. Sexxxy.

Lastly, we assembled our coop which is now the humble abode for four chickens and rooster.
Our rooster's name is Scofield and our hens names are McButter, Mailbox, Bacon and Eggs.

So far they love running around our backyard, climbing on our fence, and playing with the bees.
Stay tuned for more house projects coming soon!
Happy Tuesday, brave ones.

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SBroussard said...

Beautiful!!! all of it!

You have a rooster...in town?! How do your neighbors feel about that? LOL. We just got our chicks a few weeks ago, so excited. No roosters for us, I'm not up for all the noise.

Bridgette G. said...

We had a rooster who looked just like that! We named him Juan, because he was always with the lady hens. :)

Melissa Marie Head said...

Love that little coop - be careful though as I have one almost just like it and the coons broke into it and ate all four of my chickens :( Currently fencing it in with wire for extra precaution

Jessica said...

I got a real chuckle seeing the names of your hens! I had a friend in high school who named his dog "Bacon 'n Eggs." Sounds like life is good at the Harvest House. ;)

Anonymous said...

Girl, I am always so inspired by y'all's creativity and ambition to make your lives, (and backyard) more green. I now for sure want chickens and maybe some bees. :)

Dana said...

I am continually blown away by the example you are setting for the rest of us! These projects that you do I dream of doing in my own family but because I don't know where to start...I can only dream. But, you two put it into action and make it seem so easy...I am humbled...inspired...and longing for you to do a step-by-step series...please!!! Especially for the water solution. Neither my husband or I are all that handy when it comes to "construction type" projects...but we're willing if we just know what to do, what materials to purchase, and how to put it all together! Thank you SO much for showing us it IS possible!

With love and admiration,

Today's Letters said...

sbro, we do have a rooster! our neighbors are amazing and love our little urban farm. we're lucky.

bridgette, great name for your rooster! ours is a dorking. tim named ours after the show prison break.

mel, thanks for the heads up! we shut slide the brooding box shut each night so they can't be harmed even if an animal was to crawl into the run somehow. so sorry a coon got your babes!

jess, we like to have fun with their names. keeps us from getting too attached since most chickens don't live longer than a couple of years.

thehighlandslife, thanks so much sweet girl! chickens and bees have been so amazing to have in our backyard. so have understanding neighbors :)

dana, we're learning as we go! we like to work hard and make things happen so lots of progress has been made so far. we have a few more bigger things to do in the back yard, but for the most part the major things are done. the key has been to enjoy it even in the unfinished stages. we're blessed!

cmro225 said...

That's awesome that Louisville has ordinances to allow some urban farm life! I live on the other end of the state (Graves County) where most everything is farm life but we still live in city limits and I've been begging my parents to let me section off part of our yard for a chicken coop!

Rakesh Roshan said...

Thank you again for another” feel good, uplifting, that there are good people in this world story”. We read so many stories that are negavite about people and what they do to others. A random act of kindness is always such a great thing to hear about. Peace and blessings.

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sanrommel said...

I would like to have one or two rain barrels here in NWArkansas. Can you give me some suggestions on types of barrels or kits to gets? And could I put it together by my self?
Thanks a Bunch

Today's Letters said...

sandi, if you plan on using your house or garage gutters to feed water into your rain barrels it is an easy installation. There are several ways to do this but the cheapest option is to buy your barrels off of craigslist and purchase a diverter kit like we dd. or you can buy them preassembled like these: http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=698954011

Arabella Mia said...

Do you have design plans for the wooden structure of your stacked rain barrels?

Today's Letters said...

arabella mia, so sorry, but we don't have any design plans for our stacked rain barrels!

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