{Re-Purposed Workbench}

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Remember when we bought this amazing workbench off of Craigslist on moving day?

Well, after letting it sit in our entryway for a month we knew it was too large for for the space.

So we decided to take off the top and replace it with wood from an old table we had in the basement.

After nailing it down our workbench now looks like this:

We even had some scrap wood leftover to make a coat rack.
We think scrap wood is like bonus fries at the bottom of a burger bag. #win

Our workbench turned entryway table was a fun project and has quickly become one of our favorite pieces of furniture at the Harvest House.
I'm already looking forward to using the original workbench top to build a work space in our basement.
Because every girl needs a place for her power tools, right?
Happy Thursday, brave ones.


sadie said...

Love it! :)

Katie H. said...

So lovely!! What a little piece of perfection =)

Rachel Lynn said...

LOVE it. You guys are doing amazing stuff with the Harvest House!

Jen said...

Great Craigslist find! I have yet to have luck with Craigslist; I only find Ikea furniture and particle board.
Can you share a little bit about beekeeping? Im so intrigued,

Latrina said...

Wow! So badass. The new wooden top is gorgeous. <3

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Awesome transformation- looks better than before!

Today's Letters said...

thanks sadie, katie, rachel, latrina, and katharina. you're sweet!

jen, check out today's post! http://alturl.com/szust

Molly Roberson said...

So proud! This project is amazing. You guys are the best team!

Sarah Wilson said...

Wow! I. Love. It! You have put some ideas in my head and I am soon going to go a lookin for materials! Keep up the good work!

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