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Monday, May 20, 2013

Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend we finished building our rain barrel system for the back yard, chased the chickens back into their coop, walked to dinner each night, had our neighbors over for breakfast in their jammers, and went to bed with sunburned shoulders. I love our life. #humbled Dear MMR, thanks for reminding me that humility and integrity go together like chicken and waffles. Your friendship is better than honey on a bee sting. Dear Bee Sting, three points for making me yell the queen-mother f word, four points for making my middle finger look like a sausage. Dear Timothy James, last week you made the Harvest House sausage, apple, and sweet potato hash. The energy you have from eating better has made our evening walks more entertaining. I'm a fan of the new you.

Happy Monday, brave ones! How was your weekend? Any highlights?


Anonymous said...

Boo for a bee sting but yay for Holy Grail 3 nights this week. De-Lish!!!!

Robyn said...

Happy Monday! Highlights...sitting on the beach and sharing with the one I love

Twinner said...

back from the blue ridge mountains, soon to be home! had a wonderful weekend with my little, full of hikes and running under the sun. perfect*

ps. we will soon be a five hour drive away from louisville... fist pumps and leg kicks across the entire US!


Molly Roberson said...

So much better than honey on a bee sting. Thanks for being amazing!
Highlights: Sun morning community breakfast with blueberry jam on toast. Sat night walks to holy grail followed by lots of pie. Fri time with new friends & hearing great stories.
More than taking care of the garden & washing a dirty pup.

ABBY said...

a sting for me this weekend as well! no likey, but one every five years ain't bad. love that pic of you with the bonnet.

here's to weekend past of sunburned shoulders (here, too), somuchmulch, and picking up our new rain barrel kit. and to a new week full of adventure. amen. xo

Angie Schumacher said...

I'm intrigued by the Whole30 and was wondering if you could share the recipe for the sausage, apple & sweet potato hash you mentioned.
So proud of all of your house projects!! You're really making it home.

Today's Letters said...

angie, i think tim got it from the whole30 e-book which you have to purchase online. i'll ask him though!

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