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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Loerke, this morning you installed the Nest at the Harvest House. This made me want to ride my invisible horse while waving my unmentionables in the air. Ps - can we go to Dairy Kastle with the money we'll save on our energy bill? Dear Figs, I bought you by accident when shopping at Trader Joe's last week. Then you turned into this. Best. Mistake. Ever. Dear Sunday, you started off with a chai and an apple fritter in the biscuit and ended with sunburned shoulders in the garden. #officiallyspoiled. Dear Timothy James, to the man who does stomp routines in our backyard with our trashcan lids, I adore you.

Happy Tuesday, brave ones. If you could have breakfast in bed what would it be? Coffee from Sunergos and donuts from Nord's are our favorite!


Josh and Haley said...

Hard to get breaky in bed with three little ones three and under
but my fave would be my hubby's camp hashbrowns, bacon, wheat toast with homemade strawberry jam and the hubbys yummy cocoa with cinnamon and whipped cream! Yummy. Can somebody please make this happen?!?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? Dairy Kastle is our summer jam! And Nord's and Sungergos are our favorite slow morning treats.

Girls night at my house this Friday night! Hope you are able to make it!

Emily J. Stivers - Oh Happy Roar said...

If you like Dairy Kastle, you need to try Dairy Del! It's on Shelby St.

My top pick is their Boston shake (aka sundae + shake = awesome)! My fave combo for that is a hot fudge sundae and real banana shake. Soooo good :-)

Georgia Christakis said...

unmentionables...? I am either (a) too sheltered or (b) too sleep deprived right now.

My pick would be a Cretan cheese called Mizythra with honey and strawberries. My boyfriend calls it 'Mizythra tis Yeoryias,' after me. Too bad you can't get that stuff in the U.S. It is incredible.

Molly Roberson said...

French toast, bacon, eggs, fruit, coffee, & a mimosa. Am I too high maintenance?

Kristina said...

Breakfast in bed always calls for a nice cup of tea and a stack of pancakes (or maybe some French toast). Love breakfast in bed!
Happy Tuesday!

the bergmans said...

Oh goodness. I'm so hungry now after reading about all this breakfast in bed! Yum!

Where did you "install" the nest? I bet it looks great! Love your Harvest House Project Updates...too fun!

Today's Letters said...

haley, sending you virtual breakfast in bed tomorrow! you deserve it.

l, you have great taste in foods :)

em, dairy dell? i already love it! will def check it out. thanks sweet girl!

gc, i can't even pronounce it but it sounds amazing.

mmr, two beverages? def high maintenance. good thing you don't care much about purses and mani pedi's.

k, yes to the french toast! our fave is banana bread french toast.

the bergmans, we installed it where our old thermostat was. it was an easy switch :)

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