{Gratitude} Lately

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lately I've been thankful for thrifted denim and gifted bamboo rods.

For slow mornings and fresh eggs for baking.

For daily compost and my favorite summer sandals.

For after dinner ice cream runs and bici's found in unexpected places.

For free hostas and a neighborhood that inspires me.

For shared birthdays and icing fails. #happybirlhay

For empty laundry baskets and antique sleigh biscuits.

For backpacking trips and pups who sleep in tents.

For beer on the front porch and walks when the Wagoneer won't start.

For updates from Moti and God's abundant provision.

And for hydrangeas that look like snowballs and summer's in the city I'm growing to love.
What have you been grateful for lately?
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Wednesday, brave ones.


morgan said...

I love that rod!!!

Kayla0687 said...

Best Blog ever, seriously only blog I read every day. Keep up the awesomeness and thanks for allowing me to day dream right along with you!


Robyn said...

Amazing. You live in a special neighbourhood.im grateful for friends that give you rides, running buddies that get you out...even in 40 degrees heat and the cool of air conditioning!

Erin Toews said...

Great post. I love how you embrace summer. Like me! =)


Melanie said...

For unexpected wild flowers from your fiancee
For the sweet smell of your newborn newphew just learning to open his eyes
For the love of friends many states away who can touch your heart with a simple email

And for this sweet, sweet blog of course

Heather Counsellor said...

For a hubby who battles mean companies to save us $$. For 1950's style music concerts with my mom - for the simple joy of seeing my mom feel like a 15 year old again in seeing her childhood idols. Holding sweet babes at church while their parents worship. Oh, and watermelon. :)

Papa said...

For my children and grandchildren that have grown up well in difficult times, and for a wife that remains when things get tough.

Dana said...

For a husband who gets lost on hikes with me; for a teenage daughter who volunteers to lead littles at VBS; for a son who gives his heart while attending VBS; for the wise counsel of Christian friends; for Beth Moore bible studies; for God speaking and gently coaxing when I try to ignore in disobedience.

Allison said...

Hey Emily! What sort of bicis do you and Mr. Loerke have? My hubby and I are looking into getting bicis for toodling around town in Southern California and would love tips on what sort to get from the couple who ride with woobie capes occasionally. Thanks! Allison

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