{Gratitude} Lately

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lately I've been thankful for Saturday morning farmer's markets and blueberry season.

For community gardens and inspirational walks.

For pups who learn how to swim and husband's who do cannonballs in the pool.

For the world's hottest peppers and the reminder that growth takes time.

For kilim rugs and old pine wood floors.

For first fruits and the kite string that supports them.

For the smell of rosemary and thrifted cutting boards.

For overalls and the yard work we do in them.

For coffee that works and babies who sleep.

And for wooly pockets and being woken up to natures best alarm clock.
What have you been grateful for lately?
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Saturday, brave ones.


Latrina M. said...

Oh, I just love these. Your happy life makes me smile. :)

Melissa Plath said...

Do you happen to know what kind of baby wrap she's wearing? I love it!

Annette said...

I'm grateful for weekend visits from mom, thrifted train cases and old spring mattresses, a purring kitty and fresh asparagus!

Happy Saturday, Loerkes and Robersons!!

amanda* said...

I'm thankful that my back hurts. Because I have two healthy babies to care for, and there was a time when I didn't know if that was possible for me. Two heavy healthy babies. That's really something.

Today's Letters said...

latrina, we've learned (and are still learning) how to find joy even when life is hard. our marriage and life is not always pretty but we strive to keep short accounts with one another and seek to focus on what we have rather than on what we don't.

mel, it's called a moby wrap: http://www.mobywrap.com/mw/Home.htm : molly would be lost without it!

annette, yes to fresh asparagus! happy sunday :)

amanda, there was a day when i wouldn't have understood what you meant by a hurting back from nursing babes. now i know! so grateful for your two healthy and heavy rovers.

Melanie Yarbrough said...

It's been a rough day, just one of those days, and coming to this space, reading these things you are grateful for has given me pause and reminded me to think on the things I am grateful for rather than the things that worry me. Thank you.

Heather Counsellor said...

For weekends where I needed to do laundry and mop floors but chose to live instead. For weekends spent with nephews & nieces in creeks, picnics on rocks with creeky hands, sleepovers with late night giggles and hours spent in a pool till we wrinkled. These memories have far more worth than clean laundry and floors. Thanks for the reminder.

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