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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A video from our trip to Yosemite last October.
{Another great reminder that good things come to those who wait).


Mrs Ruiz said...

Gorgeous!! We just got married in Yosemite a month ago and I cannot wait to go back!! What program do you edit your videos with? I'm trying to edit our wedding video but having a hard time finding a good program! Thanks!

Heather Counsellor said...

Love this!! Each of the Homeland videos make me want to explore more and more places. This blog just makes my whole day better. :)

Annette said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Yosemite was my first "outdoors" vacation. I was 12. I was blown away then and I cannot wait to revisit it in the future. This video just sparked something within me and makes me want to go back sooner than later!!

Anonymous said...

This video make my insides all warm and fuzzy! :) LOVE IT!! More please....awe to the some.


Katie said...

I grew up just outside of Yosemite - I love how many people, from all over the world, appreciate how neat it is to be up here. Great video!

Unknown said...

You go girls! Looks like you had lots of laughter and a great trip!

Robyn said...

A great wee video!

Mary said...

So cool. What an awesome girls' trip - and great song choice!

Anonymous said...

Dear Em,

This is my first comment, and I feel a lot of pressure to make it fabulous :)

I work with your husband in the ER and he told me about your blog a while back and I was instantly hooked. I have read every archive from the beginning,and surely that must win me some kind of prize right?

But I figured I may try my hand at my own letter instead... so here goes.

Dear Husband of mine, you work your tail off for our family and I seriously never hear you complain. Are you on a whole lot of medications that I don't know about or are you just that good of a man? I think you are just that good of a man. I love you to the moon and back.

Dear Son of mine, your sweet spirit just makes my heart sing. You are so smart and creative, and I learn from you every single day. You teach me determination and you forgive me so easily when I fall short as your mom. I love you!

Dear Daughter of mine, you keep me on my toes with your adventurous nature, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You teach me to be spontaneous and to find joy in little things. Thank you for being so giving with your hugs. I love you!

Dear Minivan, every time I get you in a parking space on the first try I hear applause and cheering in my head, because it is not easy to park you.

Dear Chic-fil-A coke, seriously I love you. Enough said. That goes for you too, bacon.

Dear Timothy Loerke, I will pay you cold hard cash (but not a lot) if you will dance across the ER. You can still be a professional, I promise.... you will just be a professional with a little rhythm.

Dear Emily, your blog is just outstanding.... I feel like I know you just from reading it and I want to thank you for the entertainment, laughs, and tears. I also want to thank you and Tim for reminding me that my marriage is precious and I should treat it as such. You have encouraged me to pursue my husband (even though I already snagged him haha) and to make sure that I am loving him well. Many things can change a life, and YOUR BLOG is one of them.


Camille said...

Emily! Love the video and LOVE yosemite. one of my favorite places by far. i'm in need of new hiking boots. any suggestions?

Today's Letters said...

mrs ruiz, congrats on your recent marriage! molly uses final cut to edit her videos.

heather, i'm currently living vicariously through all of the homeland videos as we conyinue to embrace being more homebound in this season.

annette, that's an amazing first vacation.

shae, i'm blessed to be able to have gone on such an amazing trip!

katie, i bet you have some amazing childhood memories!

robyn & mary, molls is super talented! love of monsters and men.

kim, santa vaca. you're so sweet! i'm so encouraged by your bravery to a) read through our entire archives b) post ballin letters on our blog and c) to work with my sweet dude saving lives in the ER. hope to meet you someday :)

camille, i love vasque sundowners but they no longer make them. i/d suggest keens but ultimately get something that is comfortable and fits you the best. overall you want to invest in comfortable boots like you would a comfortable mattress! :)

Sara said...

This video made my heart feel incredible. You, your sister, and your best all have such a raw natural beauty that is incredibly admirable and fantastic to witness via this online world. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the rest of us, it's impactful.

Kel said...

This music coupled with the scenery and the gloriousness of sisterhood made my evening...after a long hard tough day. Thank you and blessings!

Amy said...

Absolutely beautiful!! What a magical place.

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