{Fly Fishing Trip} Asheville, NC

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Three chicks, one babe, two nights camping in Pisgah National Forest,
an amazing guide named Nick, and 21 trout caught on the Davidson River.
Doesn't get much better than that.
Well, maybe eating carrot cake in a tent at midnight during a rainstorm.
Yep, did that too.
Thanks Bek, Molls & Row the one of the best weekends of my life!
Y'all are the best.


Robyn said...

You are all so cute

Kassie said...

This looks like a blast! My fiancé has always wanted to learn, and I'd definitely tag along just for the pretty scenery!
You're blog is lovely!

Josh and Haley said...

Love this!! Fly fishing in the mountains is on my list! We go to the Smokies or the Blue Ridge every fall!! Haven't been brave enough to camp with the littles yet though! Soon hopefully! Your friend Molly is brave! We actually were in Pisgah last fall...we stopped by the Cradle of Forestry to let the kids explore.

Holly @ The Young Museum said...

You guys are SO awesome! I would love to tag along and make a reality t.v. show out of it...hehe. While I don't consider myself "super girly" (i.e. worms don't bother me, and I like digging in the garden), I could just picture myself putting waders on, getting bumped into by a fish and then yelling something ridiculous like, "It touched me! It touched me!" Hahaha...I do not think I could hold my own with you 3 (and Row) :)

So glad you had fun! Liked this post very much!

Melanie Duke said...

Yeah, you guys are pretty cool. And pretty pretty.

That's about all I got. Love you, Em.

Today's Letters said...

robyn, thanks sweet girl!
kassie, def add fly fishing to your bucket list. it's amazing.
j&h, molls has taken rowan camping twice already. will take him again in a few weeks when we go to the gorge! he's happiest outside :) #naturebaby
holly, lol. fish are not as scary as snakes. makes me thankful to have waders on when i'm in the river!
mel, thanks (again) for your sweet comment. grateful for you! xoxo

Molly Roberson said...

Be my bestie already

14boopie said...

Just curious... where did you get your hat?

Today's Letters said...

14boopie, if you're referring to bek's hat she got it at target and put a vintage belt and peacock feather on it herself! she's one of a kind, kindof like her hat :)

Paul Arney said...

Do any of these fly fishing ladies have instagram?

Today's Letters said...

HI Paul! My instagram account is: todaysletters ... molly's is mollyrober
and Bekah's is awelltravelledwoman : )

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