{Gratitude} Lately

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lately I've been thankful for Box Car Willie Heirlooms and St. Mary of the Pickle's bounty.

For six-paneled doors and pups who say good morning.

For flannel shirts and shallow supers filled with capped honey.

For memories of kayaking in Alaska and King Salmon that jump over the bow of your boat.

For alone time fishing at the Gorge and good music on road trips.

For the morning light that shines on Mr. Underwood in our entryway and old photos found in our attic.

For hat woobies and date nights to Feast with this handsome man.

And for homegrown fingerling potatoes and new watch bands that don't smell like death.
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
What have you been thankful for lately?
Happy Saturday, brave ones.


Robyn said...

The videos that you share that remind us to be brave and love, a healthy body that keeps my mind and soul happy and hugs from friends I've not seen all summer.

Lelia said...

Always love reading the 'gratitude' posts!

For me...... After school nature walks with my two babes...
That God's grace is always sufficient & that as I age I see how desperately I need it....
For parents who are present & involved....
For warm sunshine on my face on a chilly morning!

Em, your words are an encouragement! I carry your words-'here's to gratitude & how it turns everything into enough'. Beautiful reminder this Saturday morning! xoxo

kelley said...

yessss, red river gorge! did you guys make it to the secret sandwich society?

Liz said...

Just wondering what your tattoo is??

Today's Letters said...

robyn, always love your comments!
lelia, for parents who are present. #gift
kelley, secret sandwich society? do tell!
liz, you can read more about it here! xo http://www.todaysletters.com/2010/10/meaning-behind-my-ink.html

amanda* said...

This week I've been thankful for friends who come over and cook dinner. For winks and inside jokes. And for cooler mornings and the chance to be outside without sweating my face off.

Anonymous said...

for time to bake a cake
for mums who listen on the phone


Molly Roberson said...

for a best that listens
for a hubby that makes me laugh
for a babe that likes to snuggle
for the aortic arch that leads to the descending aorta
for the harvest house and how it ushers peace
for river and her puppy kisses
for magnum bars shared at 11pm

ABBY said...

that frame is perfection. and halleluu for new watchbands. have one perma-sweaty myself that should be retired ASAP.

thankful for changing seasons, time off of work to explore and to stay home, for good friends, and an enormous family. xo, emo.

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