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Monday, September 30, 2013

Tomorrow's the last day of Patagonia's 50% off SALE!!! Tim and I used to work at an outdoor store so we know how expensive gear can be. That's why we always get excited whenever Patagonia has their annual sale. It's like getting an employee discount! Just click on the image above to check out their shiz!

{Rocky Mountain High}

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today I leave for Buena Vista, CO.
Here's to spending the next five days fly fishing on the Arkansas River and climbing Princeton.
Happy Wednesday, brave ones.
You've almost made it through your week!

{Today's Letters}

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear Mr. Loerke, I always know when you've done laundry because all of the buttons on my hanging shirts are buttoned. This used to drive me bonks, now it just makes me grateful. Dear Across the Street Neighbor, you are 74, walk with a cane, and last week offered to loan Molls and I one of your wigs. Your thoughtfulness was overwhelming. Dear Nap Time, sometimes you look more like play time. This can be a good thing. Dear Tim the Tool Man Taylor, thank you for fixing the crooked cabinet door in our kitchen, for replacing the nozzle on our hose in the backyard, and for cleaning out the chicken coop. Love you more a freshly watered garden, new pine chips, and a Phillips screwdriver. 

Happy Monday, brave ones! What was the highlight of your weekend? We re-watched this movie, went on a long run at Cherokee Park, baked pumpkin bars, and made two loaves of zucchini bread that tasted so bad I fed them to the dogs. A great weekend.

{Gratitude} Lately

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lately I've been thankful for Kentucky's countryside and Saturday mornings at the River House.

For friends who dream and the kindred's who support them. 

For maple syrup pockets and homemade whipped cream.

For couches long enough for napping and a dude who's going to make the best dad.

For bees who work hard for their honey and homemade bread from co-workers.

For day trips to new towns and friends who love flea markets as much as I do.

For Friday nights fly fishing and weather that's finally cool enough for flannels.

For cooler mornings that make walking to Quills as magical as their chai.

And for a pup who takes me on walks and her cold nose in my ears when I'm putting away dishes.
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
What have you been thankful for lately?
Happy Sunday, brave ones.

{A Musician Turned Rice Farmer}

Saturday, September 21, 2013

{Family : Hard Work : Rice Farming : Texas : Bon Iver}
I like Herb Dishman.
Happy Saturday, brave ones.

{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, September 20, 2013

{Scott McIver : Dover, Vermont : FPF Challenge Photo Winner!}

{Courtney & Benjamin Johnson : Married August 3rd, 2013 : Ortonville, Minnesota }

{Kristina : St. Peter-Ording : North Sea : Family Reunion : Germany}

FPF Challenge Photos: 1) while riding an elephant 2) with your mailman 3) in front of Antique Archaeology in Nashville 4) with Twinner at Local123 5) at your favorite BBQ joint 6) at the Pyramids in Egypt 7) at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo 8) after running a marathon 9) in front of the Sistine Chapel in Rome 10) in front of your sorority / fraternity house 11) at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC 12) with your grandma or grandpa 13) with your favorite professor or teacher 14) at Caine's Arcade 15) by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco 16) with Katie Davis in Uganda or at Catalyst Dallas 17) on a sailboat 18) while cheering on your favorite team at the ballpark 19) in front of the Sydney Opera House in Australia 20) camping with friends 21) at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC 22) at Old Faithful in WY 23) at the Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox Statue in Bemidji, MN 24) at the World's Largest Peanutin Ashburn, GA 25) before / after sky diving 26) while stuffing your boca with fried goodness at your local State Fair 27) with your friends at a college football game 28) while fly fishing 30) at Carhenge in Alliance, NE 31) while rocking your Halloween costume 32) with the Fremont Bridge Troll in Seattle 33) on top of the Empire State building in NYC 34) while rocking tacky Christmas sweaters 35) in front of your favorite brewery 36) eating a cinnamon roll at Please & Thank You in Louisville 37) in front of the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas 38) in front of the worlds largest Easter Egg in Vegreville, Canada 39) with your first homegrown tomatoes or veggies of the season 40) at your favorite summer camp 41) while making homemade ice cream on the front porch 42) in front of a covered bridge in Vermont 43) on top of Mount Agung in Bali 44) at the Wheelie Turtle in Dunseith, ND 45) in Patagonia, Chile 46) at the World's Largest Paper Cup in Riverside, CA or 47) at the Giant Ladle Fountain in Elk River, MN. To participate email photos to em@todaysletters.com. Happy freaking Friday, Homies!

Each week we receive several FPF photos that can't be posted on the blog due to photo quality. We'd love to encourage you to 1) take your FPF photo horizontally (when possible) 2) use an SLR camera (no blurry cell phone pictures) and 3) take your photos in the daylight. Thanks!

{Red River Gorge}ous

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Over the weekend we went camping at the Gorge with Molls, Ben, Rowan & the pups.
Some highlights included:
Watching Rowan rock a bandana diaper.
{Who needs Huggies when you have a hankie?}
Backpacking 8 miles and not doing the hoakey croaky.
Making S'mores with jumbo peanut butter cups while playing "never have I ever."
Watching the boys repel 50ft off of Gray's Arch.
Getting a surprise visit at our campsite from a drug seeker posed as a police officer.
Exploring the caves below the Pointe. 
Listening to River cry all night at tree shadows. What tha.
Cooking campfire coffee, funnel cake pancakes, & bacon for breakFEAST.
Getting more burrs stuck on our clothes than poison ivy on our bodies.
And eating pepperoni & banana pepper pizza at Miguel's while washing it down with my first Ale8.
Hope your weekend was filled with lots of adventure with those you know and love! PS- You can buy a "Get to know your Farmacist" t-shirt from our sweet friends Hannah & Jesse HERE.

{Happy 1st Birthday} River Casserole Loerke!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You like to run, go on road trips, chase your tail, take naps, and lick the dishwasher.
Thankful you finally grew into those paws and ears!
Happy Birthday, sweet River of Life.
You are loved.
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