{Best Hammock EVER} Kammok

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last month I ventured into the San Juan mountains of Colorado for a 4 day backpacking trip
I needed to pack light in order to spare my legs of the heavy load for our 40 mile journey.

I chose to carry a compact rig from Kammok instead of a tent.
{I brought a Roo, Python Straps, Glider, and Dragon Fly}

  The Roo {hammock} was perfect in the mountains.  
Thankfully we had trees in every campsite and it was easy to set up and disassemble. 

The Glider acted as my rain fly and offered shelter as I cooked and caught up on sleep.
Believe me, it came in handy because it rained every day on our trip! 

Em and I have been huge fans of Kammok the past couple of years,
and continue to be impressed with the way Greg and his team create new and innovative gear.
We highly recommend anyone investing in their products!
 After all, their tree slings will change the way you backpack to the way you take naps in your backyard!
Happy Wednesday, brave ones!


Elizabeth Mayberry said...

love hammocking!!!

Hannah, Horn, and Hannabert said...

I am obsessed with hammocks. We camp in the Smokies and there are ALWAYS trees where I could nap...

Twinner said...

timo: loved these pictures and the concept! kammok seems like a swell company, and i especially loved the glider weather protective fly you rigged up... genius!

can't wait to go kamping with you and ems in kammoks!

great post!

Cheek.HM said...

Do you know of Eagle Nest Outfitters Hammocks, and if so how do you think they compare?

From Mountain Paths to Heavenly Places said...

Camping in Hammocks is the best!

Looks like you were in our backyard! Next time you two are in the San Juans near Durango I'd love to meet you!

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