{New England Road Trip!}

Thursday, September 05, 2013

The first week of October we'll be taking a road trip to New England.
Do any of you live in or near these cities?
If so, would you be willing to let the us & Roberson's crash on your couch for a night?
We'd also be grateful for any recommendations you have of places to eat and things to do!

Morgantown, WV -- Thurs, Oct 3rd
Woodstock, VT -- Fri, Oct 4th
Portland, ME -- Sat, Oct 5th
Boston, MA / Plymouth Rock / Newport, RI -- Sun, Oct 6th
Morgantown, WV -- Mon, October 7th

Happy Thursday, brave ones!
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Anonymous said...

If this trip were in Chicago, we'd be the first to say "stay here, stay here"! Have a great road trip!

Kate said...

I live in Warren, RI and there is an amazing coffee shop/café in Bristol. I think it would be your cup of tea! It's called the Beehive Café. It's address is:
10 Franklin St
Bristol, RI 02809

They have the most amazing black bean burger and fried chickpeas! Definitely worth the stop! I sadly don't have space for people to stay but I'd love to meet you for coffee! I've followed your blog since I was in college. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy planning!

Bridgette said...

sounds like a great trip! have fun!!

Kate said...

I live in Warren, RI and while it's a bit north of Newport, I do have a great suggestion for you!

There is a café/coffee shop in Bristol, RI called the Beehive Café! It has one of the best black bean burgers and fried chickpeas I have ever had! http://thebeehivecafe.com/index.html

I sadly don't have enough space at my place to offer a place to crash, but I'd love to meet you! I have followed your blog since I was in college! Hope planning goes well!

Mike-Christine Robertson said...

We live in Rockport ME which is about 1 1/2 hrs from Portland. Our house is tiny but I have some awesome in laws who would love company - my father in law is a potter too so you could chat it all up with him. Wish it was closer to Portland but let me know if it helps. Miss those JUC days!

Rachel McDonald said...

I'd pay to see 4 adults and a baby sleep on one couch ;-)

sophie said...


Here are my favorite restaurants, though you can't go wrong:
Fore Street
Street & Co.
Eventide Oysters

There are a bunch of great places in Boston, but it depends on where you're staying!

Anonymous said...

When you go to Maine, head a little further north of Portland and go to Acadia National Park! Beautiful!

andrea said...

when you're in Woodstock, VT, DEFINITELY go to the Worthy Kitchen. It's a new restaurant with FANTASTIC reviews. It's sister restaurant (Worthy Burger, in S. Royalton, VT) is AMAZING.

erin said...

Hi there! I'm a follower and a New Englander through to my core! You will fall in love here...especially at this time of year!

We live about 40 mins west of Boston right off Rte 495 in Medway, MA. We would absolutely welcome you to crash here for the night (is Sat or Sun night). We may even be out of town so you could have the place to yourself (though we absolutely would love to meet you as well).

For recommendations in Boston - Flour bakery/cafe is a must. Pizzeria Regina in the North End or Figs on Charles Street for pizza. Giacomo's in the North End for Italian followed by cannolis at Modern Pastry (not Mike's Pastry, definitely Modern). That's just a start...

Happy planning and reach out if our location is appealing to you for a place to stay!

Allie Rowe said...

Ohhh I wish you guys did this when I still lived out there - I would have loved to have you!

Here are my tips:

-I'm guessing you're going to choose between those locations for the 6th? Otherwise that's a pretty aggressive day, and having lived in both Newport & Boston, I'd stick with Boston if I were you :). It's closer to your other destinations and Sunday would be a great day to be there. I used to volunteer at this awesome festival that just so happens to be taking place on the 6th: http://bostonlocalfoodfestival.com/. You guys would love it! Right after/before you could stop by the glorious SoWa market which is amazing, and right nearby: http://www.sowaopenmarket.com/.

-Duck Fat restaurant in Portland, ME for lunch & duck fat fries...yummy (I'd actually recommend doing a restaurant hop up there and going to at least 3-4 places for lunch/dinner...the food is amazing!

-Stop in Portsmouth, NH on your way up to Portland from Boston, it's so darn cute. Eat at Poco's if you like nachos, they're the best in the world. Stop by Rye beach and/or go apple picking.

I hope this helps, can't wait to see a follow up blog post (and maybe even a Homeland video?!) of the trip.

xo Allie


Blair Connolly said...

would love to have ya'll stay at our house, been reading your blog for a while now, but we'll be out of town when you're close to boston. if you're in boston the best neighborhoods for shopping & food (in my opinion) are the south end & beacon hill...and then there's the famous newbury street (which is overrated). the north end is where you'll get the best italian food in the city. when in portland check out fore street grill, vignola, standard baking company...and there are great shops in the downtown. take scenic route 1 from boston to portland too...and stop in portsmouth, nh if you have a chance, it's adorable.

next time your up this way plan to spend some time on the north shore of boston (gloucester, rockport, etc)- it's the best! have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a true Maine gal myself, I second Duck Fat. Portland is a great city, but to see the wild beauty, you should venture a bit more north!

Anonymous said...

Coming from a true Mainer, I second Duck Fat. Take some time to stroll the Old Port in Portland, and enjoy the sea air. It's a beautiful city, and then to see the true wild beauty of Maine, head a bit more north!

ErinAnneWithAnE said...

My little sister lives in Boston and works at Clear Flour Bakery- they specialize in artisan breads and pastries and are AMAZING!!! Totally worth the stop!

Kimbojamma said...

Oh, it's been a long time since I've commented but your trip sounds so great!!! Excited for you!! I have never been to the New England area but having a clam bake on the beach (you know, where they bury the clams and corn and taters on top of hot coals?) is on my bucket list! Yay for y'all!

Annette Franklin said...

We live in Bridport, VT which isn't super close to Woodstock, but we would love to host you if it could work! Your itinerary is pretty tight! You might need some extra down time in the Green Mountain State! ;)
Annette Franklin

abbie morrison. said...

I live about 45 minutes north of Portland in the Sebago Lakes region, let me know if you can't find a place there and you're more than welcome to crash here.

Beth said...

I have no experience in these areas, nor do I live there, but I have to say this is one rockin' post with follow up comments! This is how vacation planning should be done- as a village- love this and saving it in case I ever make it that way as well. Great input from everyone :)

Kara & Kyle said...

It's not on your itinerary, but Northampton and Western Mass are amazing spots. Northampton is like the Asheville of New England- needless to say it' AMAZING. Also, if you find yourself even further west, near the Berkshires, check out Baba Louie's pizza. It will shake the leaves off your trees!

Enjoy! Autumn in New England is like heaven on earth.

Whitney said...

Oh my word. Michael and I are hella jealous.

Jodi said...

if you all ever want to hang in CT - you're more than welcome at my place. Plenty of room! lots to see in New England this time of year. have a great trip!!

parry clark said...

My apt in Boston is too teeny but I'd love to take you out for a beer!

Jenny Findlay said...

My husband and I live in Morgantown and have a guest bedroom and a comfy couch, and would love to host you guys! Let me know if ya'll still need a place to stay! We would love to see some fellow Texans here in WV too! :) jenlyn_10@hotmail.com

Emma Gabriel said...

I'm from Plymouth, MA and I would definitely recommend the Driftwood Publick House and Blue Blinds Bakery for spots to eat :) They're both a short walk from Plymouth Rock one street up from the waterfront.

I hope you enjoy America's Hometown!


Emma Gabriel said...

I'm from Plymouth, MA and would definitely recommend the Driftwood Publick House and Blue Blinds Bakery for spots to eat :) They are both a short walk from Plymouth Rock one street up from the waterfront. Also, I recommend driving 3A to Boston instead of the highway; that way you drive through all the beautiful towns along the water-Scituate, Cohasett, Hull, Hingham & Quincy. Lots of sweet little shops, great places to eat and shipyards.

I hope you all enjoy America's Hometown!


Today's Letters said...

Holy amazingness, Batman! THANK YOU for all of your sweet suggestions and generosity! We're making some adjustments to our trip based on some of your comments ... we'll be keeping everyone posted! Y'all are the best. Em & Tim

Hilary said...

It's true- the real "Maine" starts north of Portland... south of it has turned into mostly "summer people" and people "from away" as we say. Yet it's still really beautiful! I grew up here, then moved to Boston. Just moved back last year with my husband and baby girl. We have plenty of room for guests (and dogs) and ALL the baby gear you'd need. We live about 10 minutes off of exit 86 on i-95 (nicely inbetween the mountains and the ocean). If you want any reccomendations or need a place to stay. I will tell you that VT--> ME is not as easy of a trip as it may look on the map. As we say up here, "you can't get there from here." You can reach me at hilary.furrow[at]gmail.com

earlynovemberlove said...

You HAVE to go to Chase's Daily in Belfast, Maine. It's a drive up from Portland, but not too far, and it is right up your alley. Farmers market most days in the back, only open for breakfast and lunch, except for dinner on Friday. Family owned vegetarian restaurant using veggies from their own farm (Chase's Farm) nearby. And the town is real cute too. But for real, I am not a vegetarian, but I have one of the top 2 best meals of my life there. Do it!!!

ventureonward said...

I live in Brandon, VT. Mountain Top Inn is in Chittenden, VT and has a beautiful patio and restaurant overlooking the chittenden dam with a beautiful view of the mountains and foliage. Great food at the restaurant and hiking and fishing right near by. Woodstock has a great carribean restaurant called melaza and a new restaurant that's suppose to be great called worthy kitchen. I havent been there yet but have heard great things. Long trail brewery is also right on route 4 about 20 minutes from woodstock. In Vermont there's a whole slew of awesome breweries and farms where you can do free beer, maple syrup, and cheese tastings that are so much fun!! There's a lot in the area as far as hiking and fishing goes you just have to keep your eyes open and ask the locals, they're all nice :) I'm also from the Boston area. Not sure where in Boston you were thinking but there are a ton of great restaurants and fun things to do in the city. I had never been on a duck tour until a couple years ago, but they're really fun so if you get a nice day i recommend it :) The museum of science omni theatre is amazing, and the commons are beautiful and you can do really cheap swan boat rides there (although not sure how late in the season). If you're into history the freedom trail is always great to take in and takes you around the city. If you're looking for a little bit smaller than having to choose right in the city, davis square in sommerville is a fun place to eat and go out, lots of great little restaurants and bars!

Let me know if you have any other questions or any specific things you have questions about :) New England is AMAZING! Enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

If you are travelling through Western MA stop in North Adams to visit MASS MoCA and grab a sandwich and soup from Lickety Split!

Enjoy all the fall colors on your journey!

Victoria Parker said...

So exciting!! Our doors & couches are open to your clan in Portland, ME. We would love to chat bee keeping, harvesting & fishing with you. We live off the peninsula but next to the Presumpscot river and a 5 minute drive down town! Please let us know if we can host you all or meet up during your travels, would be fabulous!
-victoria Parker

Victoria Parker said...

So exciting!! Our doors & couches are open to your clan in Portland, ME. We would love to chat bee keeping, harvesting & fishing with you. We live off the peninsula but next to the Presumpscot river and a 5 minute drive down town! Please let us know if we can host you all or meet up during your travels, would be fabulous! @vicfurparker

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