{Red River Gorge}ous

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Over the weekend we went camping at the Gorge with Molls, Ben, Rowan & the pups.
Some highlights included:
Watching Rowan rock a bandana diaper.
{Who needs Huggies when you have a hankie?}
Backpacking 8 miles and not doing the hoakey croaky.
Making S'mores with jumbo peanut butter cups while playing "never have I ever."
Watching the boys repel 50ft off of Gray's Arch.
Getting a surprise visit at our campsite from a drug seeker posed as a police officer.
Exploring the caves below the Pointe. 
Listening to River cry all night at tree shadows. What tha.
Cooking campfire coffee, funnel cake pancakes, & bacon for breakFEAST.
Getting more burrs stuck on our clothes than poison ivy on our bodies.
And eating pepperoni & banana pepper pizza at Miguel's while washing it down with my first Ale8.
Hope your weekend was filled with lots of adventure with those you know and love! PS- You can buy a "Get to know your Farmacist" t-shirt from our sweet friends Hannah & Jesse HERE.


Bridgette said...

Love Ale8!

Nan said...

Ok, your drug seeker sounds pretty creepy. Eeek!

How was the Ale8? And how have you been in KY for so many months and haven't tried one yet?!

Anonymous said...

a drug seeker posed as a police officer?! how exciting.

Anonymous said...

I am a pharmacist. And i love to grow things and eat them. I think maybe i will get this shirt!

Jessica said...

Wow... amazing photos! Makes me want to take my baby camping!

Emily J. Stivers - Oh Happy Roar said...

Sweet pics! And...your first Ale 8!! Congrats. You officially live in Kentucky now :-)

Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend, Em!

Dana Lauren said...

Love Hannah & Jesse and that shirt! But most on all I love seeing when my favorite bloggers share in each others lives.

Anonymous said...

I can not wait till this Texas heat lessens and we can take our little and pup camping for the first time. This definitely makes me want that to happen more. Lovely pictures.

Haley said...

Wow, what an adventure! I would love to do more hiking and camping like this! Alas, I live in Illinois: land of the flat...everything. But I am itching for a fun camping trip. Might need to make that happen. PS. Those dogs make my heart melt. Such sweet puppies!

Samantha @ Elah Tree said...

I am 100% fascinated with you adventures! Adventure is out there!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a very fine trip!
Wanted to go hike bavaria next week with my friend from Austin... now twisted my angle :(
So seeing your pics was a "wish I could" moment!
Glad you enjoy your time togetherm fall and nature!!

Molly Roberson said...

Everything about this post makes me smile! Your words are magical. Your presence blesses me. So freaking thankful for you sweet Em.
Tim your character and encouragement is something that continues to challenge and inspire me. Thank you for being awesome.

Allison said...

looks like so much fun! we are going on our first camping trip with baby this weekend. I am beyond excited!!

MariJean said...

I've heard such good things about Red River Gorge! I can't wait to go rock climbing there!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a good brand of hiking backpack that you recommend? My husband and I are in need of some recommendations!

Today's Letters said...

Anony, Osprey packs!

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