{Asheville} North Carolina

Monday, October 14, 2013

When life change happens so do your travel plans.
Instead of going to New England we ended up camping in Asheville.
Some highlights included :
Traffic jam dancing
by the fellas.
Cramming 4 adults and 1 babe into the Prius.
Fishing Humble Hole.
Having breakfast with Twinner & Hillie at Sunny Point Cafe.
Playing Bocce Ball at Farm Burger.
Watching Moll's catch a huge brookie.
Eating pizza at Marco's, tacos at White Duck, and chai at Waking Life
Visiting the fish hatchery.
Playing Settlers of Catan on our hotel balcony.
Buying Honeycrisp apples at a road side fruit stand.
Hiking around the Arboretum.
Eating Chocolate Lounge cake for breakfast in the biscuit.
And the government shutting down our campsite along with 1 million other people {or not}.
We're so grateful for the opportunity to be in the Blue Ridge Mountains again!
Happy Monday, brave ones.
Hope your weekend was as wonderful as this video!


Timothy Loerke said...

Em, you're the best travel companion a guy could ever dream of! Geez! What chicky-mama could catch a bow, seek out killer restaurants, and be the best bocce ball partner in the world? No one but you!

walking dot photography said...

MMMM....love all those places! Next time you should definitely drop by the Champagne bar as well! Think: yummy wine amid a crowded bookstore!

Heather Counsellor said...

Looks like lovely travel and memories! Love Fall in NC, KY and TN.

Aren't apples the best in the fall?

Love the traffic dancing video - made me giggle in my office.

Rachel McClintock said...

LOVE. Makes me want to go fishing!!

Where did you get that super sweet blue gingham? I have been looking for one everywhere!!

Little Wife said...

Oh, little camper toes!

Those trout are beautiful!!

Mary Beth said...

Love it all. The Arboretum is so gorgeous! I was in Black Mountain this weekend and looked for Twinner but didn't spot her!

Michelle said...

We were in Black Mountain and Asheville, too! Farm Burger rocks my socks off.

Alysse said...

That is such a cute baby! What a great smile :)

Ashley Butz said...

I love everything about this. You two and your beautiful families are so wonderful. Such a blessing to see how you live out grateful lives full of joy, adventure, community, love and Jesus. {mouthful} {the bee's knees}

Ashley Butz said...

you all are the bee's knees. so {blessed} to be encouraged by the way you love each other, live and grow in the mercy of Christ with joy, adventure, love and community. Can't get enough of it!

Tyler Kesler said...

Although Peace Corps isn't the gameshow of Survivor, we still bring what we call "luxury items." Mine? Settler's of Catan. Because of course! When my mom visits us, I'm having her bring Seafarers of Catan. I hear it's epic.

Katherine A. said...

Why is that picture of y'all with that sweet baby's toes the cutest thing I've ever seen?

Oh my!

askasheville said...

Wow! Great post and photos. Glad you stopped by Asheville :)

Molly Roberson said...

Perfect trip. Thank you for being the kind of best that will fish with me and appreciate lots and lots of chocolate.
Thankful for the Lord's faithfulness in my life.

Allison said...

I'm a new follower to your blog. It makes me happy and we like a lot of the same things. Just saw this post and have to say, we were on our one year anniversary/belated honeymoon trip during the shutdown. But, we persevered. We drove straight from Austin, started in Asheville (amazing), and worked our way up to Maine...and we hiked into Acadia National Park despite the rules. Ha! Yay for adventures. Thanks for your wonderful blog. New favorite alongside AWellTraveledWoman. Oh happy day.

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