{Buena Vista} Colorado

Thursday, October 03, 2013

I had a wonderful time in Buena Vista fly fishing with an old friend and being in the mountains.
I ate well, smelled pine each morning when I walked out the cabin's front door,
and probably caught as many naps as I did trout.
It was glorious.
Early Friday morning we set out to climb Princeton, but decided to turn around when the weather shifted.
I'm so glad we did.
Please pray for the 5 people who lost their lives on the mountain this week.
A reminder that each day is certainly a gift.
Happy Thursday, brave ones.


Hannah Bishop said...

I'm from Colorado, but am going to school out of state. Your pictures made me miss my beautiful mountains!! :) Glad you were able to spend some time up there.

Kristina said...

Colorado is so breathtakingly beautiful! I really miss it everyday. So happy that you were able enjoy the awesomeness of that state for a couple of days!

Ali said...

So very sad for that family... your trip looks stunning. Do you have any recommendations for good flannel shirts? Loving your collection! Thanks!

hannahcaprice said...

The family was from a small neighboring town to me, where one of my friends lives. The community is hurting deeply from the loss, please keep them in your thoughts. Glad you didn't go on that hike and made it home safe and sound.

jess said...

i probably checked instagram 100 times that day (waiting for a comment or post from you haha) when i heard about the climbers, knowing you were going to climb princeton. so glad you made the decision not to chance it!

looks like a wonderful trip, otherwise!!

Katherine A. said...

Your pictures make me want to learn how to fish, teach my kids how to fish, or at the very least, they make me want to own fishing gear!

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