{Gratitude} Lately

Monday, October 21, 2013

Lately I've been thankful for afternoons in the garden with this Carhartt wearing cutie.

For restored tractors and hayrides with friends.

For old hive tools and a bountiful honey harvest.

For tire swings and sunsets.

For good conversation with a side of heap & chips from Doc Crow's.

For football shaped eggs and Wallabee wearing season.

For evening bici rides and the adventures that come from loose break cables.

For walks at the Waterfront and Lou's oldest steamboat.

For a greasy burger & chocolate shake after buying our 4Runner.

For bearded husbands and the babies they love.

For homemade pumpkin waffles and our cracked butter dish that Ryder tried to eat.

And for a neighborhood that loves bikes, pups, and good beverages as much as we do.
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
What have you been thankful for lately?


Emily J. Stivers - Oh Happy Roar said...

Those heap'n' chips are THE.BEST. Now my mouth is watering!

Seriously though, to any Louisvillians reading this who are doubtful...go to Doc Crow's today and order some!

Love your post! Thanks for reminding us all to be more grateful for all things big and small :-)

Heather Counsellor said...

For unexpected weekends with my daddy, sister, nephews & nieces that included; pumpkin picking, corn mazes, balloon animals, pumpkin carving parties, football games and my couch covered in family.

Thanks for always reminding me to be thankful!

Timothy Loerke said...

For a wife who loves me enough to keep short accounts, for a job that allows me to drive through beautiful countryside with fall leaves painting the way, for God's grace, and for smoke from fire places and grills in the crisp fall air.

Robyn said...

For friends that try new things just so I can have a squash partner.

Samantha @ Elah Tree said...

for a husband who chases his dreams, works long hours, and pushes himself artistically. For weekends that we spend in movie marathons, for Christ's sweet whispers of assurance.

Great photos, such a feeling of warmth!

Judith @ www.todayslist.nl said...

apple harvest at my parents in law's orchard.
Apples are the new gold :)

Emily L said...

For weekends with old friends who know your deepest soul, for celebrating with lots of pretty things, for pumpkins and flannels. : )

Emily L said...

For weekends with old friends who know your soul, for celebrating with pretty things, for pumpkins and flannels and cider.

Christy Loftin said...

For my little garden growing great things, for the chance to finally chase my own dream , for loving parents who are still happy , healthy and very in tune with the world, for forgiveness, and for grace ..... and largely for your inspiration every day !

amanda* said...

For the beach in October, for Wendell Berry audiobooks for road trips, for this busy season of life and how hard work can be rewarded with deep sleep, and for finally getting to wear a jacket.

Molly Roberson said...

For living with my best friend for 10 WHOLE months.
That the Lord continues to give me strong convictions.
That our final honey harvest is processed (THANK YOU for putting it in the jars Em).
For slow mornings & best that I don't deserve.

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