{Happy Halloween, Homies!}

Thursday, October 31, 2013

: October 1982 :

: October 2013 :
Still dressing alike after 33 years.
Happy Halloweenie, brave ones!
PS - don't forget to email me your FPF photo's wearing your Halloween costume tonight!


Anonymous said...

Both photos are great!! Happy Halloween to you. It feels SO STRANGE that Halloween is making its way to Europe. There are some Halloween Parties... really strange..

Papa said...

Still BEAUTIFUL after all these years!

Rachel McDonald said...

So cuttteee!!!!

Twinner said...

oh twinner. i am so lucky to be your womb mate*

ps. you're on the LEFT, i'm on the right in the top pic. ha, it's hard to tell sometimes with those chubby cheeks!

huber's might be a new east coast tradition!


Anonymous said...

Can we order twinners coffee and have it sent to Alaska?!?! If so details on ordering please! Happy Halloweenie!

Sara Beth said...

ohemgee. I don't know WHY I thought Molly Roberson was your (fraternal) twinner. SO CONFUSED! I'm glad this has been straightened out and that you are in fact, identical - it is way cute.

Mari said...

Love the pictures! : ) And a random question: do you have the six inch or the eight inch ll bean boots? I am looking to get some myself. Thank you!

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