{Happy October 1st!}

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Happy October 1st, brave ones! October is my favorite month. 
So much so that Tim and I started a tradition a few years ago to celebrate it's amazingness.
On October 1st we stuff our bocas with Tim's homemade pumpkin cheesecake & drink punkin ale
We watch Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin Escape, dance to Santana's Black Magic Woman,
and fall asleep on the floor in pumpkin comas. 
Everything about this day makes me happy. 
So here's to thrifted flannels, leaf angels, bean boots, and college football. 
Fall is upon us and October is going to be good. Really good.


emspackman said...

thanks to you for breathing magic into an otherwise ordinary start to October. Simple joys deserve celebration and you are simply delightful!

Caitlin said...

October is my favorite as well. There's such a beauty to it.. the crisp air, the turning leaves, the warm sunshine. Absolutely beautiful :)

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