{Coughasaurus Rex Tea}

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anyone else out there been a Coughasaurus Rex these days?
Here's my favorite way to combat a sore throat.

Hot water
Ginger Root
Fresh Lemon
Honey from our bees

1. Squeeze the juice from one thick slice of lemon, two slices of ginger root {skin still on}, and a tablespoon of honey into your favorite mug. 
2. Add boiling water and stir until honey has disolved. 
3. Drink, listen to Ben Howard, and watch the mountain of Kleenex grow on your couch. At least you'll be able to breath better.


Kimbojamma said...

You probably already know this but altoids substituted for cough drops when your preggers will really do in a pinch. Read you every day. Love that you guys are doing life in a good way!! At some point I'd like to send you a little gift for the baby, how can I do that? Do you have a po box? I guess I'll check around your site. Have a happy day!

KB said...

I have always done this for my kiddos when they have sore throats. Works like a charm.

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