{Patagonia Just Got Even Better}

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When I started fly fishing 2 years ago Patagonia didn't make waders for women. Now they do!
Get me a pair of these and a fly fishing lesson with April Vokey and I. might. just. cry.


Leah said...

Finally! I want to get me a pair too. Room for hips without being hugely baggy is great news!

Kristina said...

Before reading your blog I had never heard of Patagonia but your loyalty to this company made me real curious about their products. So I checked their website, feel in love with a grey fleece & waited patiently for it to go on sale. And guess what, today it was finally delivered to my door step :)
I put it one and was in heaven. It'll definitely become my favorite item of clothing in no time :D

Today's Letters said...

leah, yes! i hope you get a pair ... and the jacket to go with. no more cold water up your sleeves and fleece lined pockets?? holy amazingness batman!

kristina, your comment encouraged me so much! hold onto your fleece for years ... you'll be so glad you did! #newwoobie

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