{The Power of Wombmates}

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I love my wombmate. After watching this commercial it made me appreciate her even more.
So grateful for you, bubby!


Leah D. said...

Emily! This gave me chills! Thanks for posting!

Holly Motzkus said...

i have a wombmate too!! twins are the best, aren't they?? thanks for sharing.

Amanda Washburn said...

I have seriously been reading your blog for years now and just now realized you were saying womb-mate. For some reason all this time I have been reading it as "wombat!" I always thought it was some inside joke or something... Oh my. ;) Love your blog!

My best friend has twins and my husband's best friend has twins - so thankful to experience the blessings that come in twos!

Shannon Stephens said...

I have 2 wombmates! I'm a triplet. Love love love this!

Twinner said...


wombmates we are! i love you so.

ps. this commercial nearly made me cry. oh jess. it did. the end.


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