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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dear Timothy James, every Wednesday you do this and it blesses me. Forgive me for not telling you enough! Dear River, thank you for reminding me to never put my happiness in anything I may lose {or that you may eat}. Love you more than the fly fishing boots and entryway rugs you eat for breakfast. Dear Quills, your blackberry chocolate chip muffins make me eat the crumbs off the wrappers they come in . They're just. that. good. Dear Mr. Loerke {who always gets two letters}, before we met I had never made snow by throwing water into the air in sub-freezing temperatures or watched an episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier. I like the things you teach me.

Happy Thursday, brave ones! What's the worst thing your pet has ever eaten?


Ingrid said...

a $300.00 manual to a piece of forestry equipment, the weather stripping around a door and the seat off from my garden tractor.

Kelsi said...

I wondered how you were going to be optimistic about River chewing yet another thing. I admit when I saw your picture my first response was a gasp and a growl. Thanks for reminding me that relationships--even with pets--matter more than stuff. Next time my dog steals our bread off the counter and eats the whole loaf I'll tell him "no" and then cuddle with him all evening.

Mel said...

My rabbit when I was little used to eat all my mother's flowers. She'd spend and entire weekend planting, watering and working with love, in 5 minutes they were reduced to nubs. This didn't go over very well and Clover wasn't with us much longer after that.

Caitlin F. said...

Alaska: The Last Frontier is just. so. good.

The best thing my dog has ever eaten was a weekend worth of thesis research when I was in graduate school. Imagine my surprise when hours worth of research and school work was happily sitting in my dog's belly :) Still love him to pieces.

badbrewpack said...

My dog, Casey Kiefer, at crayons & his poop was a lovely rainbow of colors. But worst thing he ate was my kitchen floor. No jokes. He started ripping up & eating my kitchen flooring. It was on my "To Do List" but he just moved it up! Ha!

Katie Bailey said...

Our younger Weimaraner ate a hole through the laundry room wall into the sheetrock. Weims are actually the worst of the worst.

Stacey said...

A book I was reading and my chemistry model set :-/ I'm sorry about your boots! Pets teach us lessons in the hardest of ways..

Natalie said...

I've been reminded recently myself that animals are more valuable than money and things...

Our one year old pup is recovering from his *second* surgery in under a year from eating non-edible objects - both rubber pieces small enough to swallow but too large to pass.

Needless to say, our wallets are bare, but our hearts are happy that he's still wagging his tail.

Anne said...

Besides the hole in my family room carpet Mother's Day, my Yellow Lab ate the leg off of my grandmother's 100 year old porcelain doll. The worst part was telling my mom. She had the doll restored and gave it to me after I got married. Poor old doll had to be re-restored and ended up costing big bucks. Yikes!

Anne in Colorado

April said...

The complete foot of a rainboot, a baby washcloth, various towels and most recently, the entire nozzle and trigger from a spray bottle resulting in a $235 vet bill only to find out two days later in the back yard that the plastic had "passed through." He led us right to it and was trying to eat it again! But his purple heart shaped nose and baby big head don't let me stay mad at him for long. I'm thankful he's ok!

Laine L. said...

My mother brought my brother home a burger after a long day of football/baseball practice. He put it on the table and went to thank her and when he came back, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever had eaten all of it in one gulp. Poor Bud was heartbroken, but it was hilarious.

Jane Ann Holly said...

TV remote
House shoes
Bread wrappers
Picture albums
UGG Boots
Pipe cleaners
Patio chair
Bird bath
American Girl Doll
Bathroom trash.ALWAYS.

She's a pit mix named Mercy because I say "Lord have mercy" A LOT.


Jane Ann Holly said...

TV remote
House shoes
Picture albums
Pipe cleaners
Couch cushions
Bread wrappers
UGG boots
American Girl Doll
Down pillows
Patio chair
Bird bath
Bathroom trash.ALL.THE.TIME

She's a pit mix named Mercy because I say "Lord have Mercy" A LOT.


Alysse Hobbs said...

My husband and I love Alaska: The Last Frontier! We can't wait till the finale this Sunday. Eve is my favorite!


Little Wife said...

What is it about that show that is just so magnificent!?

As for pets, the worst thing Tucker Turtle has ever eaten was... another pet. Poor goldfishy friend- you weren't quite fast enough.

Jenny said...

LOVE AlaskaTLF so.much. When I was a kid we had a dog who chewed a hole straight through the wall. I could never figure out how she got the hole started...

Jessica Zigenis said...

Box of staples
My college homework
My college books
Sprinkler heads
Blankets and sheets
Christmas bulbs
My razor blade (from shower)
Guests shoes (never my own)
Table legs

But you know what? It truly did teach me to store my treasures in heaven and not put too much attachment to "stuff"! I can laugh about it now and appreciate it. : )

Mrs. Ackman said...

Our Great Dane, Magnus, ate an entire container of watercolor paints, a box of Crayola markers, a shish kabob (including skewer) and an entire frozen chicken (leaving only the wrapper). BTW,my husband and I have been binge-watching Alaska: The Last Frontier lately!

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