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Monday, February 03, 2014

Dear Timothy James, yesterday you taught me the Spanish word for "crib" is cuna. Your excitement for this little life growing inside of me is contagious! {Just like my cold. #sorry} Dear February, this morning we woke up to more snow. Thank you for another reason to get outside and reconnect with our 9 year old selves. Dear Uterus, you're officially the size of a basketball. The positive side to this is that I can no longer see my swollen feet. Dear Mr. Loerke, last week you ordered me two new Ameraucana chickens for spring. Thank you for knowing me and how much I like blue eggs!

Happy Monday, brave ones! What's your favorite snow day activity? Walk with me.


Ashley G. said...

I'm a lover of skating, skiing and sledding. Unfortunately this year all my favourites are out in favour of waddling! At least next year we'll have a baby to share the winter excitement with!

Glad to see you are well.

Ashley G.

hannah marie said...

Making snow cream is by far my favorite part of the snow! I live in the South where it snows about once every 3 years, so it's quite the novelty when it happens.

Congratulations on your soon-to-be-here little! Thanks for sharing your journey.


emi said...

well this is darling...love the spanish crib part! cute blog! xo


Casey Adkins said...

The perfect snow day looks like this....

I get the bairns all bundled up tight and their Daddy takes them out to play. While they play, I plug in the electric blanket so it can be getting nice and toasty, get the kettle on for hot chocolate, lay out the pajamas. When they've had all they can take of the cold, everything is waiting. Warm jammies, a cup of cocoa and a toasty blanket to sit under while we watch a movie. I love, love, love to scurry around and make it all perfect for them. The smiles on cold little faces when they realize Mama's made the house all nice and warm for them is priceless. It's one of my favorite parts of being a Mama.

Joy said...

You solved our mystery! Our friends gave us some chickens of different varieties an we couldn't figure out which one was giving us the rare blue egg! I looked up the Americuna and thats what we have. How fun. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

*skiing of course :=)
*going in the sauna and then cool of in the snow
*building a snowman or iglu
*also love driving through the mountains looking at traditional houses that look all peaceful snowed in
*wandering around in the snowy neighboorhood at night enjoying the silence
(did not find my favorite snow scene from the gilmore girls - but know these?:



Anonymous said...

but that one is funny, too:

kristen and thomas said...

It's a snowy day here in Colorado! And my absolute favorite activity is watching my kids play in it! It's worth all the time and effort getting them bundled up :)

Erin said...

I know this is an odd request, and this has nothing to do with the post, but I follow your blog and find it very inspiring.

One of my best friends was struck by a truck yesterday afternoon, and is in critical, but stable condition. I have attached the URL to one of the new articles, but I was wondering if you all could send prayers and/or ask for prayers. One of her lungs was severely damaged, and she is only 21 years old, so she has a long road of recovery ahead of her!


Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Noted for future chicken-having adventures, in a post-apartment life. I think I'd like myself some blue eggs.

Jo Farmer

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