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Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear Timothy James, this weekend you bought your first snow shovel-- a right of passage for a man who sings into it like a microphone as he salts the front steps. Dear Sweet Babe, you've gotten so big that my belly now rests on my thighs when I pee. I think being 7 months pregnant is AMAZEBALLS. Dear Gralehaus, yesterday we threw fist pumps after walking down the street for your homemade biscuits with sorghum apple jam, Intelligentsia coffee, haus made granola, and ham & egg crepes. Thanks for giving us another reason to love living in the Highlands. Dear Mr. Loerke, tonight you're taking off work to attend a parenting class for new dad's. Yep, I'm definitely the luckiest woman alive.

Happy Monday, brave ones! What was the best part of your weekend? I got to visit my friends Hannah & Jesse down at their farm in Bugtussle, KY. In addition to eating my way through Nashville, getting the Prius stuck in the snow, and bottle feeding baby piglets, I'd say it was a magical road trip. More pics coming soon!


Molly Roberson said...

definitely baby pigs! but Jeni's ice cream is a close second.
More than 20in bows and road trips with your best.

Kristina said...

Your weekend sounds amazing! Yeah for feeding baby pigs and visiting good friends.

Favorite part of my weekend was a spontaneous trip to see my family and playing with my baby niece. She is the cutest little thing and I just can't get enough of her giggles and smiles :)

Happy Monday!

Val Fenton said...

Re shovel: my young neighbour does that, and also sings as he delivers papers! Lol
Re weekend: my fav part was savouring Saturday. It was my husbands only day off. Thankfully, he's done his side job and we are looking forward to a three day weekend. It's Family Day in Alberta, Canada on Monday. Woot woot!!

Hannah J said...

I'm 4 months tomorrow!! Baby has the fidgets on more recently. It seems to have gone so fast! I loved the pictures of the piggies on Instagram. Sooo cute!!

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