{Gratitude} Lately

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Lately I've been thankful for road trips to new cities and theater chairs filled with 21lbs of cuteness.

For walks on sunny days that offer relief from living in a snow globe.

For chickens who selflessly give us fresh eggs each morning and bananas ripe for baking.

For adventures of South Africa told here with friends who remind me to live simply.

For boobie baskets that fit and the daily reminder that life isn't about me. 

For dudes on the west coast who send us thoughtful baby gifts and ballin coffee.
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy Thursday, brave ones!
What have you been thankful for lately?


Shelby Gough said...

Your daily thankfulness has spurred me on to do the same - just in my sweet little moleskin journal :) Lately I've been thankful for my brother - who cleaned doggie poop off the carpet so i didn't have to and ended up being late for work because of it and for white chocolate and espresso cookies (yum!) and for my mountain hardware waterproof and windproof jacket because it is mighty cold, windy, and rainy down here in Augusta, GA.

Your life is sweet and I'm thankful to have found your blog because you have helped me to be joyful and give thanks.

MaKaela said...

I am thankful for farmhouses that have opened themselves up for another generation to grow in! Thank you for your daily inspiration!

Mandie said...

You post such beautiful pictures. I love it! :)

Josh said...

Let me know when you have another Left Coast supply order. Your Harvest house good were devoured and greatly appreciated!


Hannah J said...

That healthcare is free (well paid for by taxes rather than health cover), that ultrasounds mean that I can see my baby while s/he is still hiding from the world, that the midwife has a Doppler thingy to hear baby's heartbeat (and for baby to kick the Doppler and make the midwife jump lol).

Hannah J said...

P.s. Boobie baskets that fit are good. Had to go shopping today after one tried to cut me in half!

sara grace said...

Whaaaa?! I recognize that Barista Parlor shot ;)

SK Jennifer said...

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