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Monday, March 24, 2014

Dear Timothy James, not seeing your face for 10 days made me A) miss the smell of your aftershave B) name my biggest trout after you and C) appreciate your baking skills even more. Thank you for holding down the fort while I was gone! Dear Rocky Mountains & Trout Streams, farewell, mis amores. Spending a week in your presence was better than Sunday morning donuts and sleeping in past 10am yesterday. Dear Divergent, you kept us awake when we couldn't spell the word E-X-I-T on our 60hr road trip from KY to CO. Fist pumps for being more entertaining than all the truck stops in Wakeeney, Kansas. Dear Mr. Loerke, last week you drove to Ohio just to pick up a chair for our little's room. Your determination to provide a resting place for me to nurse made me feel so loved!

Happy Monday, brave ones! In the spirit of being on the river most of last week I forgot to fill out my March Madness bracket for the first time in years. {Which is probably a good thing since I always pick my beloved Jayhawks to clean house, but not this year. #wah}. Nonetheless, I can't wait for the UK vs U of L game this Friday. Who else will be watching??


jess said...

Wakeeney! That's where my extended family lives. You were in my (old) neck of the woods :-)

Emily J. Stivers - Oh Happy Roar said...

Loved seeing all your trip updates on Instagram from you and Molly :-)

Go Cats! Can't wait for the game Friday!

Katharina said...

This letter is so sweet! You are truely amazing...! And 60hrs - no words for that!
Still thinking a lot about your 'cook something new every month' project.
*wishing you a good couple of last weeks of pregnancy*

Mary Margaret Pendleton said...

I will certainly be watching this Friday....Go CATS!!!! I am a lifelong UK fan, this one has me nervous!

Today's Letters said...

jess, that's so fun! i've been to BV several times and LOVE it there. perfect little mountain town.

em & mmp, GO CATS! should be an incredible game!!!

katharina, i've still been baking something new each month! i forgot to insta feb's. march's will get done this weekend!

Jennifer in Kansas said...

Next time, stop 40 miles east of WaKeeney - some pretty entertaining beer in downtown Hays, America (God's country).... :-)
Am LOVING your blog.

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