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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What happens when an 8 month pregnant lady, her best friend, and 9 month old babe take a 25 hour road trip from Kentucky to Colorado?
They stop. Lots.
Mostly for coffee, pie, and bear hugs at truck stops.
Thank you Jesus for great conversation, road trip snacks, books on tape, and tumbleweeds to count that blow across the highway.


Melissa D said...

I've hugged that bear! :)

Anonymous said...

Love that bear!! My mom just is in hospital and shares the room with a lady from kentucky, who is married to a german for 50 years now! So I had double reason to refresh my american-map and look up your trip! You two are AMAZING!

lucinda smith said...

good company, good conversation, good coffee... your road trip sounds like so much fun. enjoy your time in colorado - we used to live there and it's one of my favorite places in the world!


Danielle Alexander said...

So adorable. I can't wait to road trip to CO from Michigan this summer!

Caitlin F. said...

Glad you had a great road trip :) Pi Day on the road.. that's a whole new take on things!

Mandie said...

Oh my gosh, I wanna hug that bear like nobody's business! For sure! Loves it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, so happy to see an update and that you're back home safely! Your trip looked wonderful via Instagram. You are two very inspiring ladies.

Jo Farmer

Today's Letters said...

mel, after molly posted this pic on insta we quickly learned how many other people had hugged this bear too!

anony, i hope your sweet mama is doing better!

lucinda, it was my favorite road trip so far! loved that you used to live in CO ... it's amazing!

danielle, CO to michigan ... now that sounds like an amazing road trip!

caitlin, i haven't missed a pi day in 5 years! i think we'll try and eat pie on 3.14 from here on out ... esp if it's Norma's.

mandie, the most comfortable easy chair ... it's so BIG!

jo, you're so sweet! we had a blast and were grateful to have safe travels, a happy babe, good food, and tight lines ;)

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