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Monday, April 21, 2014

Remember the girls fly fishing trip I took to North Carolina last August with Bek & Molls?
I was 2 weeks pregnant and didn't know it yet! Here's a video of our time together on the Davidson River.
Happy Monday, brave ones!

{Ps- you can also view our video on Patagonia's Tumblr & Orvis' website HERE!}


Audrea said...

I love that you go on a girls trip and go fly fishing! Truly awesome! Loved the video too.

Rachel McClintock said...

I am crushing big time on this girls trip! SO awesome. What are all yall's tattoos? Saw some on forearms :)

richard thompson said...

My name is Richard Thompson-my fishing partner is Kali Martin...She introduced me to your videos....I have also fished the Davidson, the San Juan and many other waters that you may have also fished. Kali also tells me you live in Louisville...that is where my daughter and grandchildren live....I love your videos...come fish with Kali and I in Oregon....all the very best, RIchard

Richard said...

Kali Martin is my fishing partner....she introduced me to your videos...we have fished much of the same water...and I think you live in Louisville where my daughter lives....Come fishing in Oregon with Kali and I....Richard

Today's Letters said...

aud, girls who fish together stick together ;)

rach, you can read about its meaning here! http://www.todaysletters.com/2010/10/meaning-behind-my-ink.html

richard, that would be a dream! i've never caught steelhead before. #bucketlist let me know when you're in Louisville next and maybe we can fish at Otter Creek.

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