{Happy 4th Blogiversary Today's Letters!}

Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's hard to believe our blog turns 4 years old today!
I remember thinking blogs were these weird online diaries that no one but your
mom and old friends from high school creeped in on from time to time.
I couldn't have been more wrong!
The friends and community our blog has allowed us to make have been life changing.
Thank you for supporting Tim, River, and I {and soon to be babe!} over the years.
You've watched us grow, struggle, move across the country, buy our first home
raise chickens and bees, travel, and strive to live simple and grateful lives.  
We couldn't be more blessed by you all!
Happy weekend, brave ones.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you for enriching OUR lives!! Jill in OR

Casey Adkins said...

I love coming for a visit at Today's Letters. I am inspired here. Inspired to be a better wife to my beloved, maybe try my hand at raising my own chick or two. This blog just makes me happy. Thank you for all the good things you share with us!

West Virginia

Kerry McLeod said...

Happy happy birthday, Today's Letters, from a long-time fan in NZ. Thanks for reminding me to look for beauty every day. This awesome blog is partly what inspired me to start up my own little bloggie, just to have fun and make sure I'm remembering the little moments which add up to make life awesome. Hope you have some great celebrations planned, all the best for the arrival of the babe, lots of love!

lucinda smith said...

happy birthday and thank you for sharing with us, your online community! letting strangers into your life takes courage - you and your family are the brave ones! we're inspired! ;)

lucinda smith said...
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Steph said...

yay!!! happy blogiversary! SO proud of you for taking the leap! love the consistent encouragement to find joy in each moment and to choose love. :)

Amanda Washburn said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I have been a reader for years but just now listened to your re-engage story. Thanks for being committed to bettering your marriage and overcoming the baggage! We all need a little encouragement in that way. Your blog is a happy, wonderful, inspiring place. Keep it up! Also, so excited to hear the new stories once the baby arrives.

Rachel said...

Longtime reader-always love the authenticity of your blog! Just listened to your re-engage talk for the first time...God's timing is so amazing! I recently had a long overdue talk with my mom, who I am very close to, regarding some worries I've carried with me for years regarding my dad (rumored affairs, temper, etc) It was freeing to finally discuss and let it go. I've been married to a great guy for almost twelve years. I know I've brought this with me into our marriage. I cannot reconcile with my deceased father but hearing my mom say it was ok to forgive him has lifted a burden. Your talk has inspired me to strengthen our marriage even more. Thank you for your vulnerability!! Congrats on your upcoming addition. We have 3 little boys--it's the best role God had ever given me.

Anonymous said...

i've been reading your blog for a couple of years, but am a bit of an introvert, so have never commented.

however, i listened to you and your husbands story and tonight just wanted to simply say thank you for sharing. i could relate to so much of what you were saying.

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